Q&A about Scott Machado

Mid-Major Madness is a great addition to the college basketball scene. I did a Q&A about Iona’s Scott Machado as he gets ready for the NBA Draft with one of the editors over there. We talked about Machado’s game. The knocks on him, his upside and where he could go in the draft. Personally, I’d take Machado anywhere after pick 20 in the first round, but I know that some other outlets having him go that late in the second. Check it out.

3 thoughts on “Q&A about Scott Machado

  1. much obliged for the bump. though, to be fair, we’re less a “great addition” than we are a “towering phoenix rising from the ashes of…” sorry.

    my point is, we’re not so much a new blog as a relaunch. small but important distinction.


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