Good read: Siena Saints Blog’s Q&A with MAAC Commissioner Rich Ensor

Siena Saints Blog recently posted a Q&A with MAAC Commissioner Rich Ensor that is definitely worth a read. It covers a wide range of topics from the format of the conference tournament, to at-large bids, realignment and even some legal proceedings. In the Q&A Ensor reaffirmed that the MAAC is certainly keeping an eye out as realignment happens, but the conference isn’t ready to move yet, because the right fit just isn’t there. Here’s one key quote:

That’s good in terms of stability and continuity and when we look at other possible members – because we’ve said over a decade ago that we would go to 12 if the right schools were available. Well that list is relatively small because our average enrollment is about 4,000 undergrads and we have a bunch of ranges we work within as well, overall budget for athletics, and then there’s the academic filter as well. When we start looking at schools that fit our mold, there aren’t that many of them out there frankly.

Go read the rest of the Q&A over at Siena Saints Blog.

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