Machado baffles NBA Draft evaluators

Former Iona point guard Scott Machado might be the most interesting players in the NBA Draft. No one seems to know where the Gaels’ former maestro is going to go. The consensus is somewhere in the second round, but draft evaluators are all over the place about the impact the think he’ll have at the next level.

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Q&A about Scott Machado

Mid-Major Madness is a great addition to the college basketball scene. I did a Q&A about Iona’s Scott Machado as he gets ready for the NBA Draft with one of the editors over there. We talked about Machado’s game. The knocks on him, his upside and where he could go in the draft. Personally, I’d take Machado anywhere after pick 20 in the first round, but I know that some other outlets having him go that late in the second. Check it out.

Charles Jenkins selected by Warriors with 44th pick in NBA Draft

Congratulations to former Hofstra star Charles Jenkins for being selected by Golden State with the 44th pick in the NBA Draft. Sean Brennan of The Daily News caught up with Hofstra head coach Mo Cassara who thinks the Warriors are a “great fit” for Jenkins. The New York Post’s Zach Braziller says that Jenkins and former UConn guard Kemba Walker did things the right way and he hopes younger players follow in their footsteps. I’m convinced that Jenkins was a great pick for the Warriors and here are 5 players selected in front of him that I think Jenkins will outlast in the NBA.

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Reading NBA Draft tea leaves for Charles Jenkins

When you look at NBA Draft projections around the web you start to realize how few reputable people actually do these things. A cursory Google search brings up lots of stuff by DraftExpress’ Jonathan Givony and ESPN’s Chad Ford, but you’ve got to really dig deeper to find other opinions. I tried to go around the web and find a few rankings that I thought would shed light on where Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins might be selected tomorrow night.

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Player similarities: Mickey McConnell

Mickey McConnell came up as one of the top comparisons to Charles Jenkins when I looked at the Hofstra guard. McConnell also won the West Coast Conference Player of the Year award and was an Honorable Mention All-American last season after putting up some great tempo-free statistics and being the leader of a Saint Mary’s squad that finished 25-9 and was one of the best teams left out of the NCAA Tournament. Does that make him an NBA draft prospect?

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Player similarities: Justin Harper

Justin Harper is getting hype as a late first round pick and it’s pretty easy to understand why. At 6’9 he should be able to play either forward position in the NBA and he can shoot the lights out. But what makes Harper great also makes it difficult to find comparisons. Eight of his 10 comps come from one conference, but it’s not the Atlantic 10, and they also leave some doubts about his skills will translate to the next level.

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Player similarities: Charles Jenkins

Well, my player similarity creator has finally been finished and its test case – Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins – has been run through the ringer. With the NBA Draft coming up I thought it might be interesting to look at Jenkins’ comparables from the past 10 seasons. There are some names out there that make it seems like an NBA career is certainly possible.

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Charles Jenkins and seniors in the NBA Draft

Ballin’ is a Habit is the latest site to profile Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, but BIAH has Bjorn Zetterberg of doing the previews and he’s doing a real thorough job, so check it out. Interestingly, Zetterberg has Jenkins in the Mid-to-Late First Round.

If that’s the case, then some NBA team is probably going to be getting a reliable contributor. Justin Young over at National Hoops Report has some good stats about seniors in the NBA Draft. Hopefully NBA teams will heed the advice and Jenkins will end up getting a nice reserve role for a quality NBA team next season.