Projected NIT Bracket – 2/26/2012

This is the latest projected NIT bracket I have through Sunday’s results. Once again I used Jerry Palm’s projected NCAA field to figure out the at-large bids and determine where I was going with the NIT bracket. Thus if you’re wondering who to complain to about your team being in the NCAA field or the NIT talk to him. Miami (FL) and USF both scored big wins on Sunday that pushed them up near the top of the bracket. Also, my seed scrubbing was done using CBS’ team comparison feature, which made this much easier to do. I expect that there will be a ton of conference tournament upsets, so if you’re a seven or eight seed there is still work to do.

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NIT Bracket: February doesn’t mean clarity

Welcome to February. We’re in the thick of conference play, so that means that the NCAA tournament bracket is becoming more clear, right? Wrong. Unbalanced schedules are a death knell to a bracket prognosticator right now. Teams of equal quality can play completely different schedules and ::poof:: no one knows what’s up anymore. Take for instance Northwestern, the reason I started tracking this darn stuff in the first place. Two respectable bubble watch guys, Eamonn Brennan over at ESPN and Andy Glockner at SI don’t even have the Wildcats in their respective watches. Jerry Palm, another respected bracketologist has Northwestern in the NCAA tournament in his latest bracket.

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Maybe a 16 over 1 in the Fashion Brackets?

It’s April and the NCAA Tournament is over. Thus everyone is scrambling to put together some ridiculous bracket so that they can grab the attention of fans still craving simple one-and-done eliminations.

At they’re capitalizing on it by putting out the Runway to the Fashion 4 bracket. It’s even got a blog where Virginia Tech’s Seth Greenberg can be found spouting some insider knowledge. (At least his team made this bracket!)

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