NIT Scoring

Real quickly. I scored the three NIT brackets that I was aware of using the scoring method here. Both the Bracket Project and I missed three at-large teams, but since they did a little better seeding they came out on top this season. Poor Daniel Evans is really good at projecting the NCAA tournament. So he’s got bigger fish to fry!

Final Scoring:

  1. Bracket Project: 86 points (16/19 at-large, 15 exact seed, 8 more within 1 seed)
  2. Big Apple Buckets: 83 points (16/19 at-large, 12 exact seed, 11 more within 1 seed)
  3. Daniel Evans: 77 points (14/19 at-large, 13 exact seed, 9 within 1 seed)

Common misses: San Francisco, Indiana St. (I also missed LSU. Bracket Project missed Saint Mary’s.)

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