Final NIT Bracket Prediction

Here is the final projected NIT bracket. If I’m reading NIT-ology correctly we’re going to differ on four teams. I’m taking Iowa, Princeton, Denver and Illinois State and he’s taking Weber State, Illinois, Pittsburgh and Maryland. (Because Arkansas is getting bumped in his bracket by St. Bonaventure’s win.) We’ll see what happens tonight at 9 p.m.

There were four changes made in this bracket in the S-curve:

  • NC State was switched into NCAAs for Marshall
  • Drexel was dropped into NIT by St. Bonaventure claiming A-10 auto-bid
  • I swapped Stanford and Oregon after comparing them more closely
  • I swapped Middle Tennessee State and Massachusetts after looking at both’s resumes.

Final NIT Bracket:

1. Drexel
8. Valparaiso
4. Arizona
5. Oral Roberts
3. Middle Tennessee St.
6. Washington
2. Dayton
7. Illinois State

1. Marshall
8. Savannah State
4. Minnesota
5. Massachusetts
3. Saint Joseph’s
6. Princeton
2. Ole Miss
7. Northern Iowa

1. Iona
8. Stony Brook
4. Oregon
5. Nevada
3. UCF
6. Denver
2. Tennessee
7. Bucknell

1. Northwestern
8. Texas-Arlington
4. Akron
5. Iowa
3. Mississippi State
6. Stanford
2. Miami (FL)
7. LSU

And I’m done. Good luck to all of the teams on the NCAA and NIT bubbles. Thanks everyone for reading during the past few weeks.

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