Ivy League Weekly Roundup: Preseason Rankings

Last Week in the Ivy League: Scrimmage season: Yale trounced a Big Ten team (just don’t ask which one). Penn got a transitive victory over Drexel. League play is two months away, but Princeton is already going after Columbia.

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Three Things To Know About Preseason Projections

Several college basketball analysts recently released preseason projections for the upcoming season. How well do these models forecast the final conference standings? Here are some guidelines based on recent history: Continue reading “Three Things To Know About Preseason Projections”

How Accurate Are Preseason Projections?

Over the past few years, the quantity and sophistication of preseason college basketball projections have exploded. Ken Pomeroy has been publishing projections since 2010, while Dan Hanner took his lineup-based model to SI.com this year. At a conference level, you can find projections based on anything from straightforward regressions to player-by-player analysis. Continue reading “How Accurate Are Preseason Projections?”