Assist Tracker: Dec. 30

Roderick Pearson Jr. (G, Oral Roberts) — Pearson had 12 assists as the Golden Eagles continued to roll through the Summit League with a 79-67 win over South Dakota. Dominique Morrison scored 27 points for ORU and Pearson assisted on six of Morrison’s 10 baskets. Five of Pearson’s assists were on jump shots.

Jordan Theodore (G, Seton Hall) — Theodore gave out a nice even distribution of assists in Seton Hall’s 67-48 win over West Virginia on Friday. He had 18 points and eight assists for the Pirates in the win. Four of Theodore’s eight assists went to Fuquan Edwin, who led the team with 19 points. There were three layups, three threes, a jump shot and a dunk in Theodore’s eight pack.

Brian Barbour (G, Columbia) — Three of Barbour’s seven assists in Columbia’s 77-67 win over Lafayette went to Meiko Lyles. There were three threes, three layups and one jumper in the seven. Blaise Staab got two assists from Barbour and scored seven points for the Lions.

Phil (Flip) Pressey (G, Missouri) — When you have a scorer like Marcus Denmon on your team you can get a lot of assists by feeding him. That’s what Pressey did last night in a tough 75-68 win at Old Dominion. Four of Pressey’s seven assists went to Denmon, who scored 19 points in the win. In fact, all but one of Denmon’s makes from the field came on passes from Pressey. The seven assists went for four threes and three layups.

Emmy Andujar (F, Manhattan) — Well, Andujar did have seven assists in the Jaspers’ blowout victory over Binghamton, but unfortunately there’s no play-by-play on ESPN.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 29

Keegan Bell (G, Chattanooga) — Bell got to play against Longwood last night and he took advantage of the situation going off for 16 assists, 10 points and nine rebounds in the 85-50 win. Eight of Bell’s assists were for threes and the Mocs only made nine. He also assisted on five layups and three dunks. The player distribution was pretty even five of Omar Wattad’s six baskets came off assists from Bell. Wattad was Chattanooga’s leading scorer with 18 points.

Matthew Dellavedova (G, St. Mary’s) — The west coast Gaels welcomed BYU into the WCC with a convincing 98-82 win in which Delledova played magnificently. He had 18 points, 12 assists and six rebounds in the win. Stephen Holt, who scored 21 points, was the greatest beneficiary on the night. He got four assists from Dellavedova. Half of Dellavedova’s assists went for layups as St. Mary’s just dissected the Cougars’ defense.

Neil Watson (G, Southern Miss) — Southern Miss is 12-2 after trouncing Alcorn State 80-49 last night. In that game Watson had 10 assists off the bench. None of those 10 assists were on a shot near the basket. He recorded assists on four threes and six jumpers. You don’t see that very often. Credit his teammates Jonathan Mills (19 points, 7-13), Darnell Dodson (16 points, 6-12) and LaShay Page (10 points, 3-11 — all makes off Watson assists) for knocking down the shots.

Scott Machado (G, Iona) — Yes, Machado ended up with 10 assists last night, but he also had five first half turnovers and really struggled with foul trouble. Half of those assists went to Mike Glover. Those five resulted in two dunks, two layups and a jumper. Momo Jones got three of the others. Three of Machado’s 10 assists were on jumpers as Hofstra’s defense forced him to pass out instead of in for most of the game.

Dwan McMillan (G, Hofstra) — Part of the reason for that was the pesky play of McMillan. He had nine assists in the game. Just one of the eight assists were for a basket around the rim (a layup by Mike Moore). There were five jumpers and three threes in the mix as well. Moore (24 points) and Nathaniel Lester (21 points) each knocked down three shots off passes from McMillan.

Kendall Marshall (G, North Carolina) — Marshall had eight points – on a perfect shooting night – and eight assists in 22 minutes as North Carolina rocked Elon 100-62. His eight assists included three dunks, two layups, two threes and a jumper. John Henson got two of the dunks. Harrison Barnes had the third.

Trey Burke (G, Michigan) — Freshman Burke had 13 points and seven assists – though the play-by-play says eight – and held Tim Frazier to four assist and five turnovers in Michigan’s 71-53 win over Penn State. (Note: Frazier did have 20 points.) Playing in John Beilein’s offense it’s not surprise that five of Burke’s assists in the play-by-play went for threes.

Kenneth Ortiz (G, Wagner) — The Seahawks have eight wins over non-conference opponents, the most in school history after a 72-61 victory over Air Force. It was Wagner’s most efficient offensive game of the season and Ortiz had 10 points and seven assists. Unfortunately there’s no play-by-play on ESPN for the game, so I can’t break them down. But I thought his performance should be noted here.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 28

Halil Kanacevic (F, St. Joseph’s) — This isn’t the first time that the Hawks’ big man has showed up on the assist tracker. It’s obvious that he’s got a knack for passing that most 6’8″ guys just don’t. Right now Kanacevic leads the team in rebounding and is second in assists. That’s a nice combination. He had 12 assists in St. Joseph’s 81-50 win over Morgan State on Wednesday. They broke down pretty evenly into four dunks, four jumpers, three threes and a layup. Langston Galloway scored 14 points on 6-8 shooting and three of them were off Kanacevic assists.

Lawrence Alexander (G, NDSU) — Half of Alexander’s 10 assists in the Bisons’ 96-69 win over Oakland on Wednesday night went for threes. As a team NDSU was shooting well from beyond the arc, going 12-20 overall. Taylor Braun scored 21 points to lead the Bison. Three of his baskets came off assists from Alexander.

Anthony Marshall (G, UNLV) — The rout was on last night as UNLV took it to Central Arkansas 124-75. Marshall had 10 assists in the game. Five of Marshall’s 10 assists were for threes. He had three assists each to the Runnin’ Rebels’ leading scorers Mike Moser (18 points) and Chace Stanback (29 points). Marquette transfer Reggie Smith saw 11 minutes of action in the game and Marshall gave him as assist on one of his three three-pointers in the game. UNLV shot 18-32 from distance.

Pe’Shon Howard (G, Maryland) — Apparently Howard was happy to have Alex Len in the lineup as the the Ukrainian import got two of Howard’s eight assists in the Terrapins’ 83-72 win over Albany. Predictably both of Howard’s assists to Len went for dunks.

Gerardo Suero (G, Albany) — The Great Danes got a balanced scoring effort in the loss to Maryland it shows in Suero’s assists. Of his eight, two went to Logan Aronhalt, two to Mike Black and two to Luke Devlin. There were four threes, three layups and one jumper in the eight assists.

Peyton Siva (G, Louisville) — Siva had six assists in the Cardinals’ first loss of the season to Georgetown, 71-68. All six were for either threes (3), layups (2) or dunks (1). Apparently Louisville could’ve used one at least one more.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 23

Going into the Christmas break a couple guys blew up with double-digit assist efforts, including one forward. Here’s a look at the Assist Tracker for Dec. 23.

Zack Rosen (G, Penn) — Rosen had 12 assists and 13 points as Penn defeated Marist 84-71 on Friday. The majority of Rosen’s assists went to either to Rob Belcore (4) or Tyler Bernardini (5). Just one of his assists was on a jumper and the majority (7) of his assists went for threes. All five of Rosen’s assists to Bernardini were for threes as he shot 8-11 from beyond the arc and scored 30 points. Thus, even though Rosen only scored 13 points, well below his season average of 20.2, he contributed to 44 of Penn’s 84 points.

Oscar Bellfield (G, UNLV) — With 11 points and 11 assists Bellfield helped the Runnin’ Rebels stomp Cal 85-68. There were four threes, three dunks, three layups and a jumper. All three of Brice Massamba’s baskets came off assists from Bellfield. Anthony Marshall led the team with 22 points, but only two of those baskets came from Bellfield assists.

Brian Voelkel (F, Vermont) — Voelkel is probably the best passing big man in college basketball. It’s a pity he’s hidden in Vermont. The Catamounts defeated Towson 65-49 on Friday and Voelkel had 11 assists, eight rebounds and four points. A lot of Voelkel’s assists got for threes to the talented shooters that surround him. Against the Tigers five went for threes and five went for layups.

Matthew Dellavedova (G, Saint Mary’s) — Delladova had eight assists on Friday night as Saint Mary’s defeated Missouri State 77-61. He also had 17 points in 39 minutes for the Gaels. Five of his eight assists went for layups.

Jordan Theodore (G, Seton Hall) — The Pirates took a chance and went to Longwood on Friday for an 87-61 win. Theodore scored 26 points, including the 1,000th of his career, in the win. He also had six assists. Four of those assists went to teammate Fuquan Edwin who scored 20 points. Theodore’s assists were evenly split between threes and layups.

Kenneth Ortiz (G, Wagner) — Playing against Pittsburgh it’s no surprise that none of Ortiz’s assists went for a close range bucket. His seven assists came from four jumpers and three threes. Latif Rivers hit three of those baskets. One of the most critical assists came on a fast break at the end of the game when Ortiz passed out to Rivers on the wing for an easy basket.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 22

The Northwestern – Creighton game provided plenty of fireworks and also a bunch of notable assist efforts. First I’d recommend reading this great piece by Patrick Marshall. He used some stats I collected about Doug McDermott and Grant Gibbs and ran with it using his insights from watching the Bluejays play all season. It’s really interesting stuff.

Grant Gibbs (G, Creighton) — In keeping with the theme of Marshall’s piece five of Gibbs’ 12 assists in Creighton’s 87-79 win over Northwestern were to Doug McDermott. Gibbs’ assists were mostly for threes (7), but also included two jumpers and three layups. McDermott finished the game with 27 points on 10-14 shooting from the field. Overall nine of 10 baskets by McDermott on Thursday were assisted by a teammate.

Antoine Young (G, Creighton) — That’s because Young added three more (the final one was by Ethan Wragge). Overall Young had seven assists with a relatively even breakdown between four layups and three threes. Creighton had 26 assists on 30 baskets (86.7%). The Bluejays came in having an assist on 66.3% of their baskets, 10th in the country.

Dave Johnson (G, Quinnipiac) — Johnson had 10 assists as Quinnipiac defeated Niagara 85-81. Six of the 10 assists went to Ike Azotam who went 13-18 overall and scored 32 points. Six of Johnson’s assists went for layups, three for threes and one dunk. Johnson, a junior from Jackson, NJ, also scored 13 points. He came in averaging 2.9 assists per game, so this was a bit of a surprise.

Zac Swansey (G, Tennessee Tech) — Swansey really spread his 10 assists around in the Golden Eagles’ 81-68 win over Kennesaw State. Jud Dillard got three assists and scored 16 points. Liam McMorrow also got three and scored 15 points. TTU’s leading scorer, Kevin Murphy, had 21 points, but got just one assist from Swansey in the game.

Michael Bizoukas (G, Missouri State) — Even though Missouri State fell in overtime to West Virginia 70-68, Bizoukas continues to thrive with the Bears. He had 10 assists against Mountaineers. Five of them went to Kyle Weems and another four were to Caleb Patterson. Bizoukas is getting help from his teammates as seven of his assists were either on threes (4) or jumpers (3) – though to be fair three were also on dunks.

Aaron Craft (G, Ohio State) — Usually it is Craft’s defense and not his offense that’s making headlines, but in Ohio State’s 69-40 win over Miami (OH) he had nine assists and just one was to Jared Sullinger. Instead it was William Buford that benefitted the most from Craft’s passing with six of his eight baskets coming off assists from the sophomore. Buford led the Buckeyes with 18 points. Overall Craft had assists on five jumpers, three layups and one three. It’s also worth noting that the box score gives Craft for eight assists, but the play-by-play says the total was nine.

John Shurna (F, Northwestern) — Northwestern’s loss was disappointing for the Wildcats and one of the reasons is that Shurna didn’t really show up. He went 6-14 from the field and scored 18 points while mostly being a non-factor in the outcome. It’s worth noting though that Shurna did have nine rebounds and six assists. Those six assists were evenly distributed with two each to Davide Curletti, Luka Mirkovic and Drew Crawford. That means Shurna contributed to both of Mirkovic’s two baskets – another problem for the Wildcats – and two of Curletti’s four. Overall Shurna assisted on three layups, two jumpers and one three.

Two big names that didn’t do much? Junior Cadougan had just one assist in Marquette’s win over Milwaukee. He took on more of a scoring role against the Panthers, leading the team with 15 points. Shabazz Napier had five assists in Connecticut’s close win over Fairfield. Only four of them are in the ESPN play-by-play, one is a dunk by Andre Drummond.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 21

Saah Nimley (G, Charleston Southern) — The 5’8″ freshman from Atlanta, GA had an excellent game on Wednesday against Stetson. He dished out 12 assists in an 83-79 victory. Just one of those were a jumper too. Nimley also had 23 points. Before the game against Stetson scoring had been more of his role, so it’ll be interesting to see if he appears on this list again.

Brad Tinsley (G, Vanderbilt) — Tinsley had 10 assists as the Commodores beat Lafayette 89-58. Lance Goulbourne benefitted the most from his passes, with five baskets off Tinsley assists. John Jenkins also had four. Seven of Tinsley’s assists went for threes as Vanderbilt shot 15-30 from beyond the arc in the win.

Scott Machado (G, Iona) — Machado had a rare double-double with 10 rebounds and 10 assists in the Gaels’ 83-65 win over William & Mary. He missed a triple-double by two points. Three of his five turnovers came before he even recorded an assist, but once he got his first with 9:09 remaining in the first half it was off to the races. Machado’s first six assists were threes and the total was well distributed amongst all the players on the team. Interestingly enough, backcourt teammate Momo Jones had three baskets from Machado, the most of any Iona player.

Kendall Marshall (G, North Carolina) — Marshall thoroughly outplayed Myck Kabongo in North Carolina’s 82-63 victory over Texas. Marshall had nine assists in 36 minutes – the most of any Tar Heel. Consistent with what we’ve seen before three of his assists came on jump shots. There were also two dunks (by Tyler Zeller and P.J. Hairston). On Wednesday night it was Reggie Bullock who benefitted most from Marshall’s passes converting three of them into baskets.

Jordan Theodore (G, Seton Hall) — Eight assists and just two turnovers from Theodore helped Seton Hall go to Dayton and get a key victory, 69-64, over the Flyers. While Herb Pope was on the receiving end of Theodore’s first three assists, foul trouble limited him to 29 minutes. Thus Theodore passed to other people, including Patrick Auda. Both of Auda’s threes came off assists from Theodore.

Isaiah Canaan (G, Murray State) — The guy for Murray State, Canaan struggled a little bit shooting just 1-4 from the field, but he went 8-9 from the free throw for 10 points and also dished out seven assists in Murray State’s 78-54 win over Tennessee-Martin. All three of Canaan’s assists to Ed Daniel were for dunks.

Tim Frazier (G, Penn State) — The fascinating life of Frazier continued in Penn State’s 74-67 slip past Cornell. Five of Frazier’s six assists went for threes. The only one that wasn’t was a layup by Jermaine Marshall. Frazier also led the Nittany Lions with 17 points and 11 rebounds.

Halil Kanacevic (F, Saint Joseph’s) and Royce White (F, Iowa State) — Both of these forwards had eight assists in their teams’ victories. So I thought it would be appropriate to look at them together. Here’s a breakdown of assists by type and then by the position of the player they passed to:


1 jumper
2 threes
5 dunks

1 swing
1 guard
6 forwards (5 to C.J. Aiken)


1 jumper
1 dunk
2 layups
4 threes

2 forward
5 guard (3 to Scott Christopherson)
1 center

You can’t really have two more different games passing the ball than these two guys did. I think it really displays the differences in their games and how the offenses of their two teams are structured.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 20

Jesse Sanders (G, Liberty) — I’m not really sure playing a game against Montreat College should even count in the assist tracker, but Sanders had 16 assists in the 91-73 win. Three of those assists went to his younger brother John Caleb Sanders. He scored 20 points. The assists were very evenly split amongst layups, dunks, jumpers and threes. The 16 assists were an arena record at the Vines Center.

Vincent Council (G, Providence) — Council had one nice double-double with 17 points and 12 assists for the Friars in his first game after being inexplicably left off the Bob Cousy Award watch list. He helped Providence to a 67-52 over New Hampshire. Half of his assist went to Gerard Coleman, who led Providence with 20 points. Seven of Council’s 12 assists went for layups and just two were for threes.

Matt Carlino (G, BYU) — Carlino also had a double-double with 10 points and 11 assist. He wasn’t done yet though, also recording seven rebounds in BYU’s 93-78 win over Buffalo. Carlino did a nice job of distributing his assists to a bunch of players. Anson Winder and Noah Hartsock each got three, Brock Zylstra two, and Nate Austin, Josh Sharp and Charles Abouo one. Winder had 20 points in 19 minutes off the bench, including 6-7 of three-point shooting, and Carlino certainly helped sparked him.

Jason Brickman (G, Long Island) — Another guy with a bunch of assists, another double-double. Brickman played what might’ve been his best game of the season against Texas State with 12 points, 11 assists and just three turnovers. Four of Brickman’s assists went to Julian Boyd, who scored 22 points. Two of Michael Culpo’s five threes came off assists from Brickman as he got back on track as well. All of that helped LIU put up 100 on the Bobcats.

Will Weathers (G, Troy) — He played 36 minutes and shot 1-7 from the field, but Weathers helped the Trojans to an 80-72 win over Southern Utah thanks to 10 assists. Every assist by Weathers was either a three (3) or a layup (7). He really spread the love around too as no player converted more than three of his passes into buckets. Troy had a super balanced scoring offensive effort as seven players scored between eight and 13 points.

Michael Alvarado (G, Manhattan) — The Jaspers moved to 8-4 overall with an 81-62 victory over Towson and part of it was thanks to Alvarado’s eight assists. The sophomore guard also had six steals in the game. Because Manhattan plays exactly like Louisville it’s no surprise that all of Alvarado’s assists were for either threes, layups or dunks. The one dunk went to George Beamon, who led the team with 21 points. Also, two of Liam McCabe-Moran’s four threes (on 4-4 shooting) were from Alvarado as well.

Scott Wood (F, N.C. State) — Wood is our token big man of the night as the Wolfpack survived at St. Bonaventure 67-65 on Tuesday night. Wood led the team with 20 points and he also had six assists in 36 minutes. Three of his six assist came on jump shots though, so I don’t expect to see him on this list often.

Peyton Siva (G, Louisville) — The Cardinals had to work pretty hard to take down College of Charleston 69-62. The Cougars dropped to 9-2 with the loss. Siva had six assists in the win, including assists on all three of Chris Smith’s threes. Siva had one assist that wasn’t a dunk or a three; it was a jumper by Kyle Kuric.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 19

Damier Pitts (G, Marshall) — Pitts had a double-double with 19 points and 11 assists in the Thundering Herd’s 87-86 victory over Belmont. DeAndre Kane scored 29 points to lead Marshall and six of Pitts’ 11 assists went to him. Also, seven of those 11 assists were for layups.

Grant Gibbs (G, Creighton) — It’s easy to get assists when you’ve got one of the most prolific scorers in the NCAA on your team. That’s what Gibbs has to work with in Doug McDermott. Against Tulsa on Monday Gibbs had 10 assists. Seven of those assists went to McDermott. Two of Gregory Echenique’s four made baskets came from Gibbs.

Eric Atkins (G, Notre Dame) — Atkins’ nine assists against Sacred Heart came in the Fighting Irish’s 106-65 victory and he distributed them pretty evenly. There were three layups, two jumpers and four threes. Both of Alex Dragicevich’s threes came from Atkins assists.

Keith Appling (G, Michigan State) — Two of Appling’s eight assist in the Spartans’ 89-54 win went to Draymond Green, who also had seven of his own. Appling had three assists for threes. Two of them went to Brandon Wood.

Draymond Green (F, Michigan State) — None of Green’s six assists went to Appling, but he did have two to Wood and two to Branden Dawson. I find it interesting that just one of his six assists was for a three. I’d expect a post player like Green to be passing for assists, but he’s hitting cutters in the lane.

Kendall Marshall (G, North Carolina) — Marshall upped his dunk percentage in Monday’s 99-49 victory over Nicholls State. Four of his seven assists went for dunks. That’s probably the advantage of playing a team like Colonels. I believe this is the first game this season that Marshall didn’t have an assist on a jumper.

Tyshawn Taylor (G, Kansas) — Last Sunday Taylor had knee surgery. Today he was playing in Kansas’ 80-74 loss to Davidson. He had seven assists (and five turnovers) in his first game back. Those assists went to three people: Thomas Robinson (3), Elijah Johnson (2) and Jeff Withey (2). I’d really like to watch this one on ESPN3 replay if possible and see if the turnovers were committed while trying to pass to one of them, especially because Robinson and Withey are true post guys.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 18

Not much happened in the world of assists during a slow day in college basketball. Only one player went over 10 assists, and that was even with some of the top assist guys in college basketball playing. Here’s a look at five of the highlights.

Shabazz Napier (G, Connecticut) – Napier had 13 assists in the Huskies’ 77-40 win against Holy Cross. Five of the 13 assists (38.5%) were for dunks. That’s pretty consistent with his season average. Also worth noting is that he had two assists for threes, both went to Jeremy Lamb.

Jordan Daniels (G, Boston College) – The Eagles proved their not terrible, with a 75-55 win over Bryant in which Daniels had nine assists. Six of those assists went to Lonnie Jackson, who led BC with 26 points. In all the two combined to account for 17 of Jackson’s 26 points and five of Jackson’s seven made threes came from Daniels.

Tim Frazier (G, Penn State) – Frazier is one of the most fascinating point guards in the nation and he didn’t disappoint against Mount St. Mary’s. He finished with 15 points and eight assists in 38 minutes in a 72-43 victory. His eight assists went to six different people and six of the eight were for threes. Frazier is the definition of a drive-and-kick point guard.

Nate Wolters (G, South Dakota State) – After turning some doubters into believers with 34 points and seven assists in a 92-73 win over Washington Wolters has to be feeling pretty good right now. The Jackrabbits’ guard, who is beloved by tempo-free wonks, played all 40 minutes against the Huskies and was the best player on the court. None of his assists went to a teammate close to the basket. He assisted on two jumpers and five threes on the night.

Luka Mirkovic (F/C, Northwestern) – Like Wolters, none of Mirkovic’s seven assists in Northwestern’s 87-72 victory over Eastern Illinois went to a teammate near the basket. The assisted on four jumpers and three threes, welcome to a center in the Princeton Offense. Want to know why David Sobolewski shot so well against the Panthers (he was 5-6 for 12 points). It was the two-man game with Mirkovic, who gave Sobo four of his seven assists. Oh, two of John Shurna’s record-tying threes were off Mirkovic assist as well.

Assist Tracker: Dec. 17

You might know that I’ve been fascinated with assists this season and have been working on tools to make capturing and analyzing them even better. Well, I thought to help promote that I’d do a daily assist tracker. My goal here is to take a quick look at all the players in the country that had more than 10 assists on the night and then maybe highlight a few others on light days. I’ll look at who they’re passing too, what the resulting baskets are and any other interesting trends we might be able to pull out of the data. Most of these I posted on Twitter before coming up with this idea.

Kendall Marshall (G, North Carolina) – Four more “jumper” assists for Marshall today against Appalachian State out of 13. Five assists went to Tyler Zeller, leading to 10 of his 31 points. Marshall also sets John Henson up for a lot of dunks.

Lorenzo Brown (G, N.C. State) – Six of Brown’s 13 assists against Syracuse went to C.J. Williams. Three of his assists came in a four-possession span in the first half as the Wolfpack took an early 12-4 lead.

Neil Watson (G, Southern Miss) – He was just one of two players off the bench for the Golden Eagles in their 86-82 victory over Ole Miss. Only 10 of his 13 assists are available in the ESPN play-by-play, but five of those came on jumpers.

Michael Bizoukas (G, Missouri State) – The former DePaul guard is playing well with the Bears and had 11 assists against Kennesaw State in a 78-55 victory. Four of his 11 assists went to Kyle Weems. Christian Kirk was the only other player to receive more than one, he got two. Of Bizoukas’ assists nine were either threes (5) or jumpers (4).

Junior Cadougan (G, Marquette) – I know that someone liked the fact that Todd Mayo was inserted into the starting lineup. Five of Cadougan’s nine assists went to the freshman, including three threes and 13 points in total. Cadougan’s typical favorite target, Jae Crowder, only completed two buckets from the Marquette point guard.

Peyton Siva (G, Louisville) – Continuing with his trend, all of Siva’s nine assists in Louisville’s 95-87 win over Memphis were either threes (6) or layups (3). He distributed the assists pretty equally between Russ Smith (3), Rakeem Buckles (3), Chris Smith (2) and Kyle Kuric (1).

Brian Voelkel (F, Vermont) – He had eight assists for Vermont in a 73-72 loss to Iona. Four went for threes, three layups and one jumper. All the layups went to Luke Apfeld. Voelkel was the only forward to finish in the Top 10 in assists during a busy day of college basketball.