NYC Buckets Coverage Area Top 10

The release of our Seton Hall preview this morning concludes the 34 Teams in 34 Days preview series. We provided an in-depth look at the teams we’re planning on covering during the 2017-18 season.

Polls are a fundamental, if often useless, part of college basketball. From the AP and USA Today polls to the Mid-Major Top 25 and beyond every organization seems to release a poll at least somewhat regularly.

We here at NYC Buckets have tried to do a poll in the past, but we always struggled with defining the universe of teams that should be on it. This season we’re going with a broad definition, every team we previewed in our 34 in 34 series is eligible (so is NJIT).

Editor’s Note: Rutgers is the only team in New Jersey not eligible for our poll. The reason being that we don’t plan on regularly covering the Scarlet Knights this season. Every other team in NJ besides NJIT mentioned above is in the MAAC, NEC or Ivy League.

Our voting panel consisted of NYC Buckets writers Ray Curren, Nelson Castillo, Vincent Simone, Kevin Whittaker, Ryan Peters and myself. We all acknowledge that voting for teams before a game is played is a difficult and futile exercise. We did it anyways.

Here is the NYC Buckets Coverage Area Top 10:

  1. Seton Hall – 60 points (6 first place votes)
  2. St. John’s – 49 points
  3. Harvard – 42 points
  4. Iona – 41 points
  5. Yale – 37 points
  6. Princeton – 33 points
  7. Manhattan – 16 points
  8. Monmouth – 11 points
  9. Saint Francis U. – 10 points
  10. Fordham – 9 points

Others receiving votes: Hofstra (8), Niagara (4), Penn (4), Fairfield (4), Fairleigh Dickinson (2)

We will attempt to update this poll monthly. Expect it to come out near the first of the month for the rest of the 2017-18 season.

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