Recommended Reading: July 2, 2012

Well, the awkward holiday week is upon us. Welcome to July. As we get into the dog days of summer the news is starting to slow to a trickle for July and August before exploding right before the season picks up. What we’ve got now is a bunch of recruiting news and the recently completed NBA Draft. If you’re looking for college basketball reads about LIU Brooklyn or Iona, here are some good ones.

First off, I’d like to highly recommend Blackbirds Hoops Journal for any LIU fan. There probably isn’t a bigger fan of the Blackbirds on the internet than Nelson Castillo. This season he’s now complementing his excellent Twitter account with a blog. I missed the beginning, but things like this update about LIU recruiting and players on the radar are what will keep it starred in my Google Reader.

On the Iona front, Keepin’ Track of the MAAC checks in on the Gaels, who are going through an interesting and fast rebuilding process. (Here’s one note on the article.) The other Iona news of course is the fact that Scott Machado wasn’t drafted in Thursday’s NBA Draft. I don’t know what to say. He’s definitely going to get a shot on the Houston Rockets’ Summer League team and should stick somewhere in the league. (P.S. I already loved Daryl Morey, but this is awesome.) You can read more about Machado and the draft in general at Mid-Major Madness and Dime Mag.

There won’t be too much on the site this week because of the holiday, but expect the NEC recruiting profiles to pick up full steam ahead the following week, including a look at one of the New York based NEC teams.

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