NYC Power Poll – Throwing a change up

We’re changing up the Power Poll moving forward and we’re going to rank the Top 12 teams in the New York metro area. Voters were provided a list of 23 teams and asked to rank the top 12. They’re presented here in your standard poll format so you can see the difference between No. 2 Iona and No. 3 Wagner is razor thin. I think this will be a fun way to go about this moving forward.


1. Seton Hall – 102 points (6 firsts)
2. Iona – 97 points (1 first)
3. Wagner – 96 points (2 firsts)
4. Rutgers – 80 points
5. Manhattan – 68 points
6. Yale – 52 points
7. LIU Brooklyn – 48 points
8. St. John’s – 48 points
9. Princeton – 40 points
10. Fairfield – 36 points
11. Columbia – 14 points
12. Stony Brook – 12 points

Others receiving votes: St. Francis (NY) 4 points, Hofstra 3 points, Fordham 2 points

The biggest discrepancy was over Fairfield. The Stags were ranked as high as 6th, but they were also left out of one and ranked 11th in three voters’ opinions. People paying attention to MAAC play (almost a must with this poll) have Sydney Johnson’s squad dropping down the ranks.

Losses to Manhattan and Loyola in games they should have won drop them. Next Friday against Iona makes or breaks the Stags. — Jaden Daly (ranked them 8th)

Sorry about the short note today. Thanks to all the voters:  Jerry Beach, Jerry CarinoJaden DalyGuy FaloticoGary MooreJoshua NewmanRyan PetersJon Solomon, and Dave White.

2 thoughts on “NYC Power Poll – Throwing a change up

    1. Yale is eligible for the poll because theoretically an Eli could win the Haggerty Award. Thus they’re considered part of the metro area. I took the designation from other people.

      Also, the poll was conducted before LIU Brooklyn won at Wagner, but I’d be a number of people would argue they’re better than Rutgers. Whether that’s the case or not I’ve got no idea. Pomeroy has Rutgers 90th and Wagner 92nd, so it’d basically be even in a neutral site game. So who knows.


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