Coming & Going St. Peter’s – Change is coming

St. Peter’s went to the NCAA Tournament after winning the MAAC Tournament Championship last season, but the Peacocks are going to have a lot of work to do if they want to get back. While John Dunne’s system is based mostly on defense, no team is able to easily overcome losing its top four leading scorers.

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Coming & Going Iona – Getting stronger

Let’s make this clear from the start, whether Lamont “Momo” Jones is eligible or not this season this recruiting class is a win from Tim Cluess and Iona. It’s a sure declaration of, “We’re going for it,” from the coaching staff. The incoming recruits should add some bulk to the front line of the Gaels as they attempt to claim a MAAC title and do so much more.

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JUCO recruiting: How it impacts mid-majors

While I was musing last night on Twitter about whether Fairleigh Dickinson might be worse this season than last, an astute follower shot back that there might be hope because of two Junior College All-Americans. Would that be enough? Could that help FDU escape the bottom of the NEC?

Recruiting junior college players is a tricky business. For every success story like Detroit’s Nick Minnerath or Gonzaga’s Marquise Carter there are tons of players that don’t make it. At the mid-major level this is even more apparent. But, even if it’s just for two seasons, when a JUCO recruit pans out it can provide an instant boost (see Wichita State last season). How good though can those players be? Here’s a look at how JUCO’s affect mid-major programs.

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NIA School eligibility concerns a cautionary tale

Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned. Four schools are feeling the heat right now as their incoming recruits have been declared ineligible by the NCAA. All four were students last season at the NIA School in Newark, NJ and the NCAA’s action is just the latest in the complex world of eligibility and the fuzzy role of preparatory academies’ in collegiate athletics.

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Hurley building something at Wagner

Besides a one-year blip during the 2007-08 season Wagner hasn’t had a record above .500 in Northeast Conference since 2004-05 season. The Seahawks have had just two winning seasons since 2002-03. But Dan Hurley is doing his best to change all that.

The commitment of 2012 forward Eric Fanning to Wagner on Monday continues a strong uptick in recruiting. (Highlight videos are here and here.)

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Jones and Gomez highlight big day in college basketball

Two big pieces of news broke late on Monday night and both could certainly impact the 2011-12 basketball season. First, Arizona’s Lamont “MoMo” Jones is transferring from Arizona. He averaged 9.7 points and 2.4 assists in 26.7 minutes per game last season for the Wildcats. (Adam Zagoria has a bit more.)

Jones is looking to transfer back to the east coast. The early rumors are that he might find a home at St. John’s, but if he’s looking to drop down a level might Manhattan and new head coach Steve Masiello be able to offer him a comfortable landing spot that can guarantee a lot of playing time? (I think it’s a longshot, but new head coaches due tend to bring roster turnover with them.)

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