How Exactly Did UMBC Get Down To Seven Players? (And Some Albany Notes)

Will Brown called Saturday’s Albany practice “the worst of the season” and said he was extremely concerned how his team would react against UMBC Sunday afternoon.

Sam Rowley added, “I think that’s the source of our success is our bench. It goes beyond just the games. At practice, as Coach was saying, those guys took it to us starters at practice, and there’s no excuses for the starting five feeling sorry for themselves, and if you rest or take it easy, they’re going to beat you. Having them making us better every day in practice has been huge for us.”

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A bittersweet moment for UMBC’s Aki Thomas

Only two weeks ago, long time assistant coach Aki Thomas was preparing for the start of official practice for his UMBC Retrievers. UMBC was coming off a woeful season, which saw the Retrievers win four games – three in the America East – en route to one of the worst campaigns in school history. To say that Thomas was looking forward to the start of the 2012-13 season would be an understatement.

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