Harvard 73, Princeton 71: Steeves Wounds Tigers’ Title Hopes

The clock at Lavietes Pavilion showed seven seconds, with Princeton inbounding under its own basket down by two points. Yet it felt like the Tigers were exactly where they wanted to be. After trailing by as many as 10 points in the second half, they had quickly stormed back. On the last possession, they needed just one more bit of devil magic — just as they’d done at Penn and Columbia — to extend or win the game. Continue reading “Harvard 73, Princeton 71: Steeves Wounds Tigers’ Title Hopes”

Ivy League Weekly Roundup: Harvard, Princeton Survive Openers

What Happened Last Week: Princeton pulled an 11-point rabbit out of its hat at Penn. Harvard’s seniors held off Dartmouth down the stretch. The Ivy League went 7-1 out of conference, but with only five D-1 games. Continue reading “Ivy League Weekly Roundup: Harvard, Princeton Survive Openers”

Northeastern Cruises Past Harvard

The first half of this game was weird, man.

Things went haywire 90 seconds in, when the shot clock at Harvard’s end of Matthews Arena malfunctioned. Two minutes of game time later, it was done for good; a second, portable clock was hauled out to the baseline, with the PA announcer counting down every time it reached 10. Continue reading “Northeastern Cruises Past Harvard”