NIT Bracketology: The paper tiger

By mid-January the college basketball analyst comes out to hunt for Bubble Teams. It’s an exercise dependent on looking through RPI table, the “eye test” and other glorious means of trying to determine which teams will make the NCAA tournament. In particular, the analysts – some of who are very well respected – are trying to separate out the paper tigers.

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NIT Bracketology: Attempt #1

I’ve been doing NIT Bracketology now for three seasons. (Thanks Northwestern.) This is my first attempt for the 2011-12 season and unfortunately, after the Wildcats’ loss to Ohio State, they appear to be back on the wrong side of the bubble. There’s one New York area team in my projected NIT bracket as well.

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Does NIT success bring future NCAA appearances?

I got asked a question on Twitter the other day about how teams that make the Final Four of the NIT do the next season. It’s an interesting question partly because it’s a difficult one to really solve. There’s a lot that goes into a team’s season a success or failure. One obvious question though is: Do teams that make the NIT Final Four at Madison Square Garden then go onto to make the NCAA Tournament the next season? That is something we can take a look at, and there seems to be something to it.

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