Sports analytics are a chance to learn

Today on Grantland there is a post about statistical analysis in sports and the perils and pitfalls of some of the possible applications of data entitled The Math Problem. It is written by Wired’s Jonah Lehrer, who seems to be a really reasonable guy. I guess that’s what makes the post so perplexing. The argument is that statistical analysis is becoming a crutch and that an over reliance on it is preventing teams from focusing on more important aspects of the game.

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Hofstra’s Jenkins named Chip Hilton Award finalist

Congratulations to Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins. He, along with Jimmer Fredette of BYU, Andy Polka of Loyola (Ill.) and Robo Kreps of UIC, has been named a finalist for the Chip Hilton Award. It’s given to a senior that shows outstanding character, leadership and talent on the court. Jenkins certainly demonstrated that for four years at Hofstra where he averaged 19.6 points per game and scored more than 2,500 total.

Jenkins has been named to almost every All-America and All-Star team that you can find thanks to his prolific scoring and desire to win. Using 28.4% of your team’sĀ possessionsĀ (97th in the nation), while scoring 1.235 points per possession (23rd) and playing 92.3% (9th) of your team’s minutes is just crazy.

Hofstra didn’t reach the NCAA Tournament while Jenkins was there, but it rose from #200 into the 130’s in Ken Pomeroy each of the past two seasons and qualified for the postseason in the Tournament and the CBI. His career will be one that Pride fans look back upon fondly.