The Case For Every CAA Tournament Contender

As John showed yesterday, the CAA Tournament is up for grabs. Thanks to a balanced league with four co-champions, as well as the CAA’s neutral-site format, nobody won more than 26% of the 10,000 simulations, and six teams had at least a 10% chance of making the finals. Here’s the case for each of the top six seeds — and the others — heading into this evening’s first round. Continue reading “The Case For Every CAA Tournament Contender”

CAA Race Keeps Evolving as Delaware Tops Northeastern

We tend to view games and seasons through the lens of our expectations. Based on prior seasons and non-conference play, we can usually guess who the main contenders in each conference will be and mark “good wins” and “bad losses” early on. But sometimes those predictions are wrong, and the story evolves throughout the season. Continue reading “CAA Race Keeps Evolving as Delaware Tops Northeastern”