Introducing the “Bracket of Champions”

Since there are no real basketball games going on right now, let’s do something fun and talk about simulated basketball games. The Bracket of Champions brings together some of the best teams from the New York area during the Ken Pomeroy era (2003+) and puts them in a bracket against each other. Continue reading “Introducing the “Bracket of Champions””

Three Questions – Hofstra

As the season approaches every team has questions. This series is going to look at three key ones.

1. Who or how does Hofstra replace Charles Jenkins? – All right, I started with the obvious one first, but this is definitely the biggest question. Jenkins had the best offensive rating the in the country last season for a player that used at least 28% of his team’s possessions. That’s high volume at high efficiency and it drove the Pride’s offense. And that offense in turn drove Hofstra to a surprisingly competitive campaign in the CAA.

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Summer Wrap Up: New York’s Best Players According to Value Add

Basketball season is right around the corner and the Value Add metric is starting to pick up steam thanks to a jumpstart from Luke Winn. (You can see some of the work I did with earlier in the summer on this Google link.) One thing I haven’t covered though was the simple question of, “Who was the best player in New York last season?” Well, the answer shouldn’t surprise you.

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2011 Team Similarities: Hofstra

Hofstra appears due for a slide next season. Now, the graduation of Charles Jenkins makes that a pretty lame prediction, but the Pride outplayed their peripherals last season.

Ken Pomeroy’s “luck” metric seems to think so. Hofstra was the sixth luckiest team in basketball last season according to his metric which compares pythagorean record to actual record. Clocking in at +0.125 means Hofstra won about four more games than it should’ve.

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Sports analytics are a chance to learn

Today on Grantland there is a post about statistical analysis in sports and the perils and pitfalls of some of the possible applications of data entitled The Math Problem. It is written by Wired’s Jonah Lehrer, who seems to be a really reasonable guy. I guess that’s what makes the post so perplexing. The argument is that statistical analysis is becoming a crutch and that an over reliance on it is preventing teams from focusing on more important aspects of the game.

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Charles Jenkins selected by Warriors with 44th pick in NBA Draft

Congratulations to former Hofstra star Charles Jenkins for being selected by Golden State with the 44th pick in the NBA Draft. Sean Brennan of The Daily News caught up with Hofstra head coach Mo Cassara who thinks the Warriors are a “great fit” for Jenkins. The New York Post’s Zach Braziller says that Jenkins and former UConn guard Kemba Walker did things the right way and he hopes younger players follow in their footsteps. I’m convinced that Jenkins was a great pick for the Warriors and here are 5 players selected in front of him that I think Jenkins will outlast in the NBA.

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Reading NBA Draft tea leaves for Charles Jenkins

When you look at NBA Draft projections around the web you start to realize how few reputable people actually do these things. A cursory Google search brings up lots of stuff by DraftExpress’ Jonathan Givony and ESPN’s Chad Ford, but you’ve got to really dig deeper to find other opinions. I tried to go around the web and find a few rankings that I thought would shed light on where Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins might be selected tomorrow night.

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Player similarities: Charles Jenkins

Well, my player similarity creator has finally been finished and its test case – Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins – has been run through the ringer. With the NBA Draft coming up I thought it might be interesting to look at Jenkins’ comparables from the past 10 seasons. There are some names out there that make it seems like an NBA career is certainly possible.

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Charles Jenkins and seniors in the NBA Draft

Ballin’ is a Habit is the latest site to profile Hofstra’s Charles Jenkins. It’s pretty much what you’d expect, but BIAH has Bjorn Zetterberg of doing the previews and he’s doing a real thorough job, so check it out. Interestingly, Zetterberg has Jenkins in the Mid-to-Late First Round.

If that’s the case, then some NBA team is probably going to be getting a reliable contributor. Justin Young over at National Hoops Report has some good stats about seniors in the NBA Draft. Hopefully NBA teams will heed the advice and Jenkins will end up getting a nice reserve role for a quality NBA team next season.