Wagner Using a Two-Way Approach to League Dominance

It happens practically every season now. As we head into February, I’ll pick up my Blue Ribbon magazine and go over my preseason picks. And then I’ll wince as one or two Northeast Conference teams end up under or overachieving my predictions by a significant margin. Continue reading “Wagner Using a Two-Way Approach to League Dominance”

Analyzing NEC Similarity Scores

For an NEC fan, a star’s potential breakout is the best thing to dream about during the offseason. Imagining a player turning into the next Julian Boyd or the next Shane Gibson can carry fans through an entire summer. But how realistic are those dreams? Continue reading “Analyzing NEC Similarity Scores”

Thoughts From the Crazy NEC Tourney Quarterfinals

In our NEC tournament preview, I noted that the conference had the second highest rate of close games in the regular season – 30% of them ended within 4 points or were decided in overtime. We enjoyed more of the same in the NEC quarterfinals, as the league office couldn’t have asked for better drama, both on television and on NEC Front Row when Sacred Heart made a run at history. Continue reading “Thoughts From the Crazy NEC Tourney Quarterfinals”