LIU Brooklyn Will Hire Derek Kellogg

Multiple reports have confirmed the news first Tweeted by ESPN’s Jeff Goodman that former UMass head coach Derek Kellogg will be announced as the 14th head coach in LIU Brooklyn history tomorrow.

Kellogg comes to LIU Brooklyn after nine seasons at Massachusetts. He went 155-137 at the Atlantic 10 school, appearing once in the NCAA Tournament and twice in the NIT. Kellogg never finished higher than fifth in the Atlantic 10 and was not retained after the Minutemen went 15-18 (4-14 in the A10) this past season.

Before he was a head coach, Kellogg was an assistant at George Mason, Youngstown State and Memphis. Kellogg got the UMass job partly because he was a former player there and was a captain during his junior and senior seasons under John Calipari. He’s generally known as a strong recruiter who isn’t always the best with Xs and Os. Kellogg is also named in a lawsuit against UMass basketball.

Kellogg will need to be excellent on the recruiting trail, because a protracted coaching search has left LIU Brooklyn behind the eight-ball as the recruiting live period has already begun. Kellogg will also need to start refilling a roster that lost seniors Jerome Frink and Iverson Fleming to graduation and Nura Zanna to a graduate transfer. Now that the Blackbirds know who their head coach will be they can work towards retaining other young talent such as Jashaun Agosto—who declared for the NBA Draft—and Julian Batts.

Kellogg likes to play an up-tempo brand of basketball. His teams have never finished outside of the top 100 in adjusted tempo and three of his best teams at UMass were in the top 10 nationally. After you account for the up-tempo nature of the games his ability to coach defense has actually been better than the offensive side of the ball.

Hiring a coach that was just fired by his former employer after a mediocre near decade of performance at a slightly higher level doesn’t seem to at all justify firing 20-game winner Jack Perri at the end of this past season. It’ll be interesting to see how Kellogg answers questions about his new role. You can watch the press conference tomorrow from the Barclays Center at 11 a.m. on NEC Front Row.

4 thoughts on “LIU Brooklyn Will Hire Derek Kellogg

  1. This hiring is a disgrace for all LIU BASKETBALL FOLLOWERS. Nothing against Coach Kellog but the firing of Coach Perri last month was dispicable. Athletic Director, Brad Cohen and President Cline have been l less than candid about what has transpired concerning Coach Perris’ firing. LIU BASKETBALL WAS MOVING IN A VERY POSITIVE DIRECTION UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF COACH PERRI. Numerous concerned baskerball alumni have written letters to PresidentCline and Brad Cohen asking for an explanation of the action because a group of 80 former players and alumni, who meet yearly, were shocked by the firing of Coach Perri. The administrations denial in March to accept two post-season bids to tournaments was an opening to an awareness that something in the Athletic Administration is dramatically wrong. Please look into it and you will see something smells.




  3. The remarks by the President tell you all you need to know about what happened.

    Top 10 in the country? Is she serious? Let’s try Top 100 first.

    Absolutely ridiculous.


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