Jack Perri Out At LIU Brooklyn

In a stunning decision, LIU Brooklyn has decided to not renew head coach Jack Perri’s contract when it expires in August.

Perri finishes with a 77-78 record at LIU Brooklyn, including an NCAA Tournament appearance in his first season with the core that he had helped recruit to Brooklyn under Jim Ferry. After that season Perri needed to rebuild the roster, which he did these past three seasons, building from nine wins in 2013-14 to 20 this past year.

And it’s that rebuilding of the program that makes this decision by the university’s administration particularly perplexing. Perri won 20 games in 2016-17, including going 13-5 and finishing second in the NEC. If Chris Wray had missed a difficult layup on the opening night of NEC play it’s quite possible that the Blackbirds would’ve been the No. 1 seed in the league’s conference tournament. While NEC Player of the Year Jerome Frink was set to graduate, the Blackbirds have a young core. The roster looked primed to play a stronger defensive brand of basketball that could’ve helped the Blackbirds rise again to the top of the Northeast Conference.

Instead the school’s administration appears to have decided to go in a completely different direction.

“LIU Brooklyn has informed head men’s basketball coach John Perri that it will not renew his contract which expires in August,” LIU athletic director Brad Cohen said in a statement. “LIU is grateful for his many contributions to our program and wish him great success in the future. A search for a new head men’s basketball coach is underway. The University will provide additional information when a selection has been made.”

Ferry was fired by Duquesne earlier this offseason, but it seems unlikely that he would return to LIU to take the job when his hand-picked protege was fired after winning 20 games.

But there are other names already being bandied about for the job. The New York Post‘s Zach Braziller said that former Drexel head coach Bruiser Flint is a name he’s heard connected to LIU. Braziller also added that former Manhattan and current VCU assistant coach Rasheen Davis would be a good fit, and while that’s true, a former head coach with a proven track record seems more likely given the most recent decision by the administration. On Zagsblog, Adam Zagoria pushed for former Fordham head coach Tom Pecora, current Iona assistant Jared Grasso, Ferry (see above), Flint and current St. Thomas Aquinas coach Tobin Anderson. Grasso is an assistant and seems primed for a job at a higher level, but the others make some bit of sense. Another name that would make sense to me is former Quinnipiac head coach Tom Moore, but that also seems unlikely.

It appears that LIU Brooklyn’s administration has taken a big gamble that it can do better than Perri for its head job. It’s not a bet I would’ve made.

11 thoughts on “Jack Perri Out At LIU Brooklyn

    1. Nothing else is going on anywhere within the program. Good kids, good coaches. Simply a terrible, terrible decision from a terrible administration.


  1. An absolute travesty. LIU administration should be taken to task for this.

    Winning seasons at LIU in last 30 years:

    Jack Perri – 3 (in 5 years)
    Jim Ferry – 3 (in 10 years)
    Ray Haskins – 2 (in 3 years)*

    20-win seasons at LIU in last 30 years:
    Jack Perri – 2
    Jim Ferry – 2
    Ray Haskins – 2*

    LIU Brooklyn is a low-major program that has limited resources. Jack Perri knew the landscape of the school and what it took to win. He knew what recruits to go after and who would be successful. He recruited Julian Boyd, Jason Brickman and Jerome Frink – two league Players of the Year and the best point guard in school history. Not to mention coached Jamal Olasewere, another Player of the Year. Does administration think these players grow on trees? Or are clamoring to come to a school that has inhibiting factors everywhere?

    His first 20-win season included: Losing his best player to a torn ACL and enduring an inhibiting preseason issue that took away nearly all preseason. He took the team to the NCAA Tournament and was named Joe B. Hall National Coach of the Year.

    His second 20-win season included: Losing a 1st Team All-League player a month before school started, losing his second-leading returning scorer to a broken wrist after the first game of the year, and having his best player lose his father midway through the league season. The team beat St. John’s, the best non-league win the program has had since 1998.

    This move cannot be justified. They won 20 games! And had the potential to have a great year next year, too. This isn’t Oklahoma State or even St. John’s. If you win 20 games in the Northeast Conference, it’s a HUGE deal.

    Any coach thinking about taking this job should see this and raise some serious red flags.

    * Ray Haskins had Charles Jones (http://www.nytimes.com/1999/01/13/sports/college-basketball-jones-ex-liu-star-facing-gun-charge.html) and Richie Parker (http://www.si.com/college-basketball/2014/09/17/si-60-crime-and-punishment-richie-parker-gary-smith), and was clearly a hired gun and not a program builder based on this article (http://www.nytimes.com/1998/05/13/sports/college-basketball-haskins-quit-over-budget-security.html).


  2. As an FDU Fan who lived through a decade of losing basketball . When An Administraton makes decisions that leaves your head scratching. The answer is usually very simple. Just FOLLOW THE MONEY. I believe that Coach Perri let the LIU Administration know in STRONG TERMS what it would take to make LIU a winning program and the Administration did not want to pay the price, and got tired of hearing Coach Perri complain about it.


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