FDU Recruit Kaleb Bishop Ready to Contribute

This is a guest post by Justin Fong.

Fairleigh Dickson University made the NCAA tournament this year, however, the excitement was short, as the Knight lost to Florida Gulf Coast in the First Four. The plan now is to reload and look to improve next season.

FDU will be adding some local talent to help, enrolling Kaleb Bishop of St. Anthony High School in New Jersey to bolster its roster. The 6’8 versatile forward can help the Knights next year both inside and outside. In his senior year at St. Anthony he averaged 5.7 ppg and was a beast on the boards. Bishop helped his St. Anthony team win the state tournament and the Tournament of Champions.

Bishop loves the opportunity to go to FDU and to start contributing right away. He expressed his excitement about the team. When asked about his future team at FDU, he stated that the Knights had “a lot of potential, [are] a hard working team, and have some experienced guys that [will] push me in my freshman year.”

He will mix perfectly with the team that already possesses swingman Earl Potts Jr. and guard Darian Anderson. Anderson and Potts, combined with Bishop’s tenacity and determination, will look to improve the Knights both offensively and defensively.

FDU is a perfect fit for Bishop because the Teaneck campus is within close proximity to his hometown of Paterson, NJ. He has received tremendous support from his family during the process.

“My mom helped with everything, telling me to make my own decisions and what to look out for in school.”

And when his freshman year comes around, Bishop is looking to get comfortable in his surroundings, and is excited for his new school.

“Just make new friends and to establish new connections. Each day going hard in the class room and going hard on the court and doing whatever my coaches need me to do to become a better player,” Bishop said about what he’s looking forward to a FDU.

Adjusting to Division 1 will be a priority for Bishop next season. When he transferred to St. Anthony after his sophomore year learning a new system was difficult at first, but he knew he had to work hard and he was able to gain mental toughness and a new found strength. With the help of coach Bob Hurley, he was able to earn the minutes that he needed in order to show scouts his identity on and off the court.

The will-be freshman has loved playing the game ever since he was little.

“I fell in love with the game ever since I was 5 and ever since was able to have a ball in my sight,” he said. “It was my getaway.”

For Bishop, basketball was more than just a game to him.

“It was something that helped [me] cope with different things and related to my life on and off the court.”

That determination and that fuel will give him the tools that he needs to contribute at Fairleigh Dickinson. And Bishop believes the team possesses another real chance to be able to go to March Madness again.

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