Time For The Offseason

As Kris Jenkins’s three-pointer swished through the nets in Houston another season of college basketball came to brilliant close.

The end of the 2015-16 season brings another great year of basketball to a close for Big Apple Buckets. And with it comes many changes, both to the teams we cover and this site.

First some small site news. We’re going to be officially changing the name of the site to match the URL. Everyone calls us NYC Buckets anyways, so that’s what we’ll be going with moving forward. Expect a new banner soon.

Second, if you’re interested in writing for the site now is a great time to reach out. I have more free time to actually speak with writers, figure out their interests and start planning for the next season.

The team covered 190 games this season, mostly due to the indefatiguable Ray Curren. He covered at least 102 games for us, though the count may be even more.

We’ll have more about the site as the offseason goes on, but you should expect more content to start coming in soon as the offseason continues. Though the pace won’t be nearly as furious as the past six months.

But we will need to cover a lot of changes in the area. There are head coaching changes at Columbia, Stony Brook, Rutgers and NJIT (with quite a bit of linking between them), as well as at other NEC and Ivy League schools. There are transfers leaving the NYC area and surely some that will be coming in.

There’s also some time to take a step back and look at what we can learn from the season we’ve just seen. Or the ones before it. I hope I’ll be able to provide some answers to some statistical questions I’ve been looking at sometime this summer.

I hope you enjoyed the games and our coverage this season.

8 thoughts on “Time For The Offseason

  1. Thanks for your coverage of the smaller conferences – if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know half of what is going on at the Mount. I had no clue about BK Ashe transferring or Jamian Christian talking to James Madison.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. I am a Columbia and Ivy fan, but I appreciate being able to keep abreast of area basketball in general, and you’ve done a great job of providing that kind of coverage. Thank you and best to you.


  3. This site is a must check on a daily basis. The coverage of the smaller conferences is fantastic and my 12 year old son I are huge mid major fans. We attend 40 games this season (he plays on 3 teams himself). We made it everywhere from Albany to southern Jersey and my son got the idea of taking a picture at every game he attends from your site.

    We appreciate your tireless dedication to college hoops.


  4. It’s sites like this that help keep the spirit of the smaller schools in the area alive and well. The coverage is solid and the insights are great. Also love the give-and-take among some of the commenters, which is always interesting and fun. Know that this is not a full time endeavor for all of you guys who contribute to this site, but the NYC basketball community would be poorer without you. Keep up the good work. Thanks!


  5. Big Apple Buckets does a great job, covering the Mid-Majors. But I have to disagree about the offseason, as I don’t think there is one. Spring signing period starts next week. Transfers will probably go into June, and you never know about coaching changes. OOC skeds come out and then there is the summer pick up games and maybe overseas trips. But I do appreciate your work. Garth Short


  6. Hi John.. really enjoy reading the articles here by you and others.. especially the coverage by Ryan on America East.

    Appreciate the time and effort you guys put in.


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