NEC Fast Break Episode 4

In this week episode of NEC Fast Break John Templon, Stephen Gertz, and Ray Curren do a deep dive on the Robert Morris Colonials, plus a run around the league to look at Bryant, Central Connecticut, Mount St. Mary’s, Saint Francis University and St. Francis Brooklyn.

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Hosted By: John Templon
Panelists: Stephen Gertz, Ray Curren
Intro Music By: Rob Casal

One thought on “NEC Fast Break Episode 4

  1. This year preaseason, O’Garro was picked to be one of the top Transfer players in the NEC and Holloway was picked to be a top Freshmen in the NEC. At the moment both are struggling big time because they are going up against bigger, stronger,and more talented big men. I suspect the NEC teams problem in winning and being more competitive against the stronger teams on the schedule, is that they are being manhandle by bigger and stronger Front Courts. FDU can not guard these bigger opponents without getting into FOUL TROUBE..Do you think this is the main problem of the NEC Teams so far this season.? also Earl Potts I bet is so far the most improved player in the NEC.


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