NEC Fast Break Episode 3

On episode three of the NEC Fast Break John, Ryan and Nelson walk you through everything you need to know about the LIU Brooklyn Blackbirds, what every team should be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and a little bit more about the state of the conference.

You can get every episode of the NEC Fast Break on iTunes. Remember to rate and comment on the show while you’re there to help other NEC fans find the show. You can also spread the word-or let us know how things are going-on Twitter.


Hosted By: John Templon
Panelists: Ryan Peters and Nelson Castillo
Theme Music By: Rob Casal

2 thoughts on “NEC Fast Break Episode 3

  1. I love your NEC Fast Break Show. Hopefully FDU problem is inexperience. At the moment FDU is having troulble guarding there man without fouling. There full court zone press is porous. Even though FDU is bigger and stronger up front they are still giving up alot of 2nd & 3rd chance points.Offensively they have to learn to get the ball inside to Holloway and O’Garro to balance the attack. At the moment they rely to much on driving to the basket one on one from 30 feet out and long jump shots. so far the only real bad performance was against Fordham where their had 22 Turnovers. There is alot of basketball games to go. hopefully FDU will find a winning formula and be competitive in the NEC.


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