My All-Metropolitan Ballot

The All-Metropolitan Men’s Basketball ballots were due yesterday. I’m a big fan of transparency, so for that reason I’m posting my full ballot here.The one thing I will note is that I have no idea why Rider is included in the All-MET ballot and Princeton isn’t. They’re miles away from each other. I also didn’t realize that I could vote for the Broncs, so, while Matt Lopez definitely deserved a spot over some of the other players, he’s not on any of my three teams.

First Team:

Sir’Dominic Pointer, St. John’s
Jalen Cannon, St. Francis Brooklyn
Jameel Warney, Stony Brook
D’Angelo Harrison, St. John’s
David Laury, Iona
Maodo Lo, Columbia

Second Team:

Emmy Andujar, Manhattan
A.J. English, Iona
Sterling Gibbs, Seton Hall
Myles Mack, Rutgers
Juan’ya Green, Hofstra

Third Team:

Angel Delgado, Seton Hall
Brent Jones, St. Francis Brooklyn
Justin Robinson, Monmouth
Damon Lynn, NJIT
Chavaughn Lewis, Marist

A quick note on the All-MET teams: Tanner Plomb, Army; Marcus Burton, Wagner; Ashton Pankey, Manhattan; and Rysheed Jordan, St. John’s were the next guys I was considering. Obviously Matt Lopez of Rider would’ve been on here too if I had realized what was up. I wish I could’ve found a spot for Damon Lynn on the second team. NJIT now has 20 wins and he’s been absolutely amazing on a game-to-game basis even if his efficiency is hurt by carrying such a large portion of the Highlanders’ offense. I felt similarly about Emmy Andujar, which is why he’s on the second team.

Haggerty Award:

1. Sir’Dominic Pointer, St. John’s
2. Jalen Cannon, St. Francis Brooklyn
3. Jameel Warney, Stony Brook

I don’t really care what the Big East voters said, defense matters and Pointer was the guy playing defense for St. John’s this season (along with a few other players). His offensive stats aren’t too shabby either. I realize that Cannon plays in the NEC, but he had a historically good season and career and that should be recognized. Warney would be a beast in whatever league he played in. These choices weren’t hard for me.

Rookie of the Year:

1. Angel Delgado, Seton Hall
2. Eric Paschall, Fordham
3. Schadrac Casimir, Iona

Delgado’s numbers are absolutely eye-popping for a freshman. Paschall had an excellent season being the offensive focal point for Fordham and it’s obvious why teams in conferences such as the Big East are looking at him as a transfer candidate. Casimir lit up the MAAC, but he had a lot of help around him, which is why I have him third.

Coach of the Year:

1. Glenn Braica, St. Francis Brooklyn
2. Jim Engles, NJIT
3. Steve Masiello, Manhattan

Taking SFC to the postseason is a historic accomplishment and should be rewarded, even if it ultimately resulted in a close first round defeat in the NIT — to a good Richmond team. Engles’ team is still playing, which might help his candidacy, and if he wins I would have absolutely no problem with it at all. Masiello edged out Steve Lavin and Tim Cluess in my mind because he had less “knowns” to work with when the season started and still managed to put together a strong season in the MAAC and three excellent days in March to take the tournament title.

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