New York City Power Poll: Jan. 5, 2015

It’s a new year and with that comes with a new power poll. Recently there have been a number of games matching two New York City area teams. Those results are reflected in our newest poll. (Though apparently our voters forgot about the Hofstra-Columbia game?)

Eight Big Apple Buckets writers plus Jaden Daly voted in the power poll. There is once again a unanimous decision about which team is on top, but it is no longer St. John’s. (Note that Army has been added as eligible for the poll.)


  1. Seton Hall – 90 points (9 first place votes)
  2. St. John’s – 77 points
  3. Iona – 64 points
  4. Hofstra – 63 points
  5. Stony Brook – 51 points
  6. Saint Peter’s – 40 points
  7. Columbia – 36 points
  8. St. Francis Brooklyn – 31 points
  9. Army – 29 points
  10. Manhattan – 10 points

Also receiving votes: NJIT 2, Fordham 1, Wagner 1
Also considered: LIU Brooklyn

Considering all of the NEC teams will play in the near future, plus the Iona-Manhattan grudge matches and the Stony Brook-Columbia game on Tuesday there’s a good chance that these rankings will be shaken up again soon. Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “New York City Power Poll: Jan. 5, 2015

    1. That’s true. Though KenPom does think that St. Francis is better than Army at the moment. The Terriers have been playing much better basketball lately. Also, that game in Brooklyn was close (I was there). So I don’t know if the one-game sample is something to rely on necessarily. If Army keeps winning in the Patriot League they’ll get to move up.


  1. John, your statement is also true. I was also at that game and the outcome could have been different had St. Francis made their free throws. I’d say Army has one very bad loss: Bryant and St. Francis has one bad loss: Delaware St.

    I saw St. Francis at the Barclays St. Peters tournament and they could have won both their games and could have lost both. They rebound well but shoot poorly.


    1. Although #9 Army certainly did beat St. Francis by 3 in Brooklyn, the #8 Terriers did take out #7 Columbia by 8, leading that contest wire-to-wire. SFC also had a convincing 25-point thrashing of the current MAAC front-runner Monmouth at the Jersey Shore. That’s the beauty of college basketball — anything can happen game-to-game. Although these recent Rankings were likely compiled prior to the Terriers’ latest game on Monday, Bryant has been the only common foe so far for both Army and St. Francis. The Terriers beat Bryant by 16, while Army lost to Bryant at West point by 7. It appears that both Army and St. Francis will have successful seasons, no matter where they rank.


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