New York City Power Poll: Dec. 15 Edition

Now that we’re almost a month into the season it’s time for the first Big Apple Buckets Power Poll! This season we’ve invited all of Big Apple Buckets’ growing editorial staff along with A Daly Dose of Hoops’ Jaden Daly to contribute their top 10 for the city and it’s nearby surroundings.

I know that in the past this site’s Power Poll has been known for inclusivity of the greater tri-state area, but this season voters have been instructed to cut back on the teams that are in the power poll. Instructions that were sent out over the weekend included all teams in the five boroughs of New York City or anyone right outside (thanks Iona) or right across the river (three New Jersey teams). We won’t though be dipping deeper into New Jersey — which is why Rutgers isn’t anywhere to be found — nor up into Connecticut, so alas our good friends at Quinnipiac and Yale won’t be appearing this season.

You can of course read lots about all those schools on the site, they just won’t be showing up in the polls. Now without further ado the first power poll of the season:

  1. St. John’s: 90 points (9 first place votes)
  2. Seton Hall: 81 points
  3. Iona: 70 points
  4. Hofstra: 64 points
  5. Columbia: 47 points
  6. Stony Brook: 36 points
  7. Manhattan: 35 points
  8. NJIT: 25 points
  9. Saint Peter’s: 23 points
  10. Fordham: 12 points

Also receiving votes: St. Francis Brooklyn (11 points); LIU Brooklyn (1 point)

Also eligible: Wagner

Voters: John Templon, Matt Giles, Matt Schorr, Jaden Daly, Kevin Whitaker, Ryan Peters, Vincent Simone, Ryan Restivo, Ray Curren

The struggles of the NEC are reflected in our first power poll. The Terriers might be the league’s projected favorite on KenPom (along with Sacred Heart!), but SFC was unable to slip past Fordham for the final spot in our voters minds. It probably has something to do with all those last-second losses, including last Tuesday at NJIT. Wagner and LIU Brooklyn are both full of youth and still finding their footing, and thus fail to make an appearance in the poll.

One of the most interesting spots for the voters was group in the middle. St. John’s and Seton Hall were unanimous picks at No. 1 and No. 2 in the poll, but after that things get murkier. Iona received six third place votes and three fourth place votes, Hofstra was voted anywhere from third through fifth, and Columbia fell as low as ninth on one ballot, but as high as fourth on another. The Lions’ wide range can be partially attributed to the up-and-down season they’ve had thus far. It’s interesting to note though that Columbia plays Hofstra, St. Francis Brooklyn and Stony Brook (again) before Ivy League play starts. So there’s definitely going to be some shakeups.

What’d we get right? Wrong? Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “New York City Power Poll: Dec. 15 Edition

  1. Congratulations! Finally a much truer NEW YORK CITY poll. Always thought if you can’t get to one of the five boroughs in a half-hour or less, you shouldn’t be considered a NEW YORK CITY program. Not surprised that St. Francis didn’t make the cut — until they learn to win the close ones, they probably don’t deserve to rank higher. However, Fordham could be a bit of a stretch — weren’t they being upset by just about everybody until just recently?


  2. Poll looks about right. Will be interesting to see how teams do in conference play. Out side of Villanova, the BE is wide open, as is the MAAC, besides Iona. Hofstra is a surprise, and I don’t know much about the CAA, but I’m guessing that the Flying Dutchmen (are they still called that?) will be at or near the top.


    1. Army is a good point! They probably should be in the poll given the qualifications. I should add them to the considered list.


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