Three Thoughts: Seton Hall 67, Saint Peter’s 52

Saint Peter’s put up a fight against Seton Hall, but late in the first half, the Pirates started to pull ahead. The Hall went on for the 67-52 victory. The Peacocks won their first game against Seton Hall in a long time last season, but a win was not in the cards in this showdown. The Peacocks are now 4-7, and are tied for ninth place in the MAAC.

Note: This is a guest post from Harrison Malkin.

Here are some thoughts about the game:

1. Saint Peter’s turnovers were costly in the game. — The Peacocks turned the ball over 11 times in the contest with Seton Hall, and while 11 doesn’t seem like a big number in the turnover category, the turnovers the Peacocks did commit turned out to be costly in the loss. When Seton Hall started to pull away late in the first half, the turnovers Seton Hall committed were snatched up. Almost all of them were converted into points for Seton Hall.

While these turnovers were costly for Seton Hall, Saint Peter’s head coach John Dunne said after the game that “I thought besides two plays, one in the first and one in the second, that we did a great job against their pressure.”

2. Saint Peter’s has to make shots. — Saint Peter’s had a tough time scoring on Sunday against the Hall, despite having many good looks during the game. Even Desi Washington, who went off in his team’s win versus Seton Hall last season, was held to 13 points on 30.7% shooting from the field. The Peacocks shot poorly as a team, shooting 36.5% from the field and 16.6% from three. Saint Peter’s will need to improve in this respect to compete at a high level in the rest of the season.

“I thought we had a lot of clean looks,”Dunne said. “We had some clean layup looks, we had some clean three looks.”

3. The Peacocks have shown potential, and there is a great chance they can still turn their season around. — Besides a quick two-game weekend, Saint Peter’s hasn’t even entered conference play yet, and they have stayed competitive with out-of-conference teams like Rutgers, and in that game the team defeated the Scarlet Knights by 18.

The Peacocks also didn’t have their best player, Desi Washington until Dec.10, and in that is time they went 3-5.

“It’s been a long stretch for us and I think that we were kind of shot.” Dunne remarked. “This is a team that we clearly need to be at our best if we’re thinking about keeping it close at the end. If you miss shots and you miss layups I think it deflates on the defensive end.”

Saint Peter’s has showed signs that this season could be on the rise, and the Peacocks have plenty of time left in the season to prove that.

Thanks Harrison for the guest post! You can find him on Twitter.

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