Q&A with Casual Hoya on Georgetown/Robert Morris

On the second Saturday of the season, Georgetown will host their second NEC program in the young season, Robert Morris. The Hoyas have made easy work of their first two opponents in St. Francis Brooklyn (that writeup is here) and Texas A&M Corpus Christi, so the Colonials enter as heavy underdogs (a 5% chance of winning according to KenPom).With this NEC/Big East matchup on tap, I sat down with Andrew Geiger of Casual Hoya to discuss the Hoyas. For my discussion on Robert Morris which I recommend, go here.

1) How does it feel to root for an undefeated juggernaut? Ken Pomeroy currently rates Georgetown 22nd overall, but how can 21 teams be better than JT3’s squad??

Can I curse on this thing? Because if so, it feels [really bad word] wonderful! And if not, it feels [same really bad word] terrific! Hoyas fans are definitely in a good mood after these first two games, and even though it’s early (like really early), what we’re seeing on the court (depth! talent! athleticism! transition buckets! post presence! freshmen that can play!) is such a vast departure from last year that we’re all just giddy. 21 teams better than JT3’s squad? I’m not sure there’s any team better! Woohoo! Final Four bound!

As an aside, I don’t trust that guy Pomeroy and his calculators. I prefer to watch games to evaluate teams, not by spewing a bunch of numbers into a machine.

2) The freshman look good in the early going, albeit versus inferior competition. Can the emergence of L.J. Peak, Tre Campbell and company give Georgetown a chance to compete with Villanova at the top of the Big East?

Well, I hope so. Peak has been a revelation thus far for a couple reasons. First, one of the bigger question marks for the Hoyas heading into this season was who would provide scoring outside of D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera. Peak has shown not only an ability to chip in on the scoreboard, but also shoulder an entire load with an impressive ability to create his own shots. Second, he’s given us all hope that Georgetown has found its next star. I mean, it’s been two damn games, but he appears to be the real deal. Tre Campbell has been better than anyone thought and appears to have the moxie to be Georgetown’s point guard of the future. Paul White has been steady, and I haven’t even mentioned Isaac Copeland, who reminds me of Otto Porter. Indeed, the future is bright in Hoya Land.

3) So, I found out last Saturday that Joshua Smith wasn’t in shape and he nearly fouled out against St. Francis Brooklyn, a team that doesn’t roster a single player over 6’8″. And then he drops 20 and 12 versus Texas A&M-Corpus Christi! What the heck can we expect out of Smith come Big East play? Can he work himself into shape and become a double-double machine?

Good questions, and I think we’re all waiting to find out what the answers will be. If he can play with any degree of consistency and to the level he did against TAMUCC, our opponents are in for a world of pain. Something is different about him this year in that performance aside, he appears more invested in the team concept. He understands that he let the team down last year and seems more motivated to prove his critics wrong. The double-double after his and JT3’s comments that his two rebound performance against St. Francis Brooklyn was unacceptable is an excellent sign, and hopefully he can keep it up.

4) Seems like the Hoyas are pushing the tempo; the pace has gone up some when compared to last season. Any particular reason? Is this something we should continue to expect when Georgetown hosts Robert Morris — a team that typically slows the pace down — this weekend?

This roster is built for a faster pace, with pretty much everyone other than the bigs able to push it up court and finish at the hoop. The Islanders tried to slow the tempo in the first half of our game and achieved some success, but got blown out in the 2nd half after we made some adjustments and picked things up a bit. I would expect the Hoyas to pick up where they left off against a Bobby Morris squad that has struggled so far this season.

5) I saw that Georgetown has a giant revolving t-shirt launcher for their home games. That seems excessive, no? Why can’t their cheerleaders just throw t-shirts into the stands? How big is the endowment over there?

What, you don’t think we did a Nobel Prize winning interview with the operator of the T-Shirt Gatling Gun last year?

The dude was actually absent for the TAMUCC game and apparently since no one else is licensed to operate that machine, the cheerleaders attempted to pick up the slack and predictably failed miserably, tossing shirts only into the first few rows and only to one side of the stands. We take our t-shirt toss very seriously at Georgetown.

Thanks to Andrew for stoping by! Tipoff between Robert Morris and Georgetown will be at noon on Saturday, November 22 at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C.

You can follow Ryan on Twitter @pioneer_pride

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