Final NYC Area Power Poll

The season has been over for a few weeks now, but we never managed to get a final power poll out the door. Consider this our recompense. Reaching the NCAA tournament gives the Manhattan Jaspers the top spot in the final poll. Who did the voters select beyond MC? Check it out.

NYC Area Power Poll:

  1. Manhattan: 50 points (5 first place votes)
  2. Iona: 41 points
  3. St. John’s: 36 points
  4. Columbia: 29 points
  5. Quinnipiac: 26 points
  6. Yale: 23 points
  7. Seton Hall: 21 points
  8. Stony Brook: 17 points
  9. Princeton: 13 points
  10. Wagner: 8 points

Others receiving votes: St. Francis Brooklyn (7 points), Rutgers (2 points), Fairleigh Dickinson (1 point), Fordham (1 point)

It’s interesting that QU finished ahead of Yale even though the Bulldogs defeated the Bobcats during the first round of the Tournament. In fact, the voters pretty much acted like that tournament didn’t exist in ranking CU, QU and Yale. Odd how that works out. I actually don’t have much of an issue with the voting. While head-to-head should certainly matter, especially at the end of the season, Pomeroy’s rankings have those three as pretty similar. The bottom of this poll continued to be quite messy all season. My guess is that if the Seawolves had managed to defeat Albany in the America East finals they would’ve been much higher. Those are the breaks.

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