NYC Area Power Poll: Feb. 19

We’re getting back on track this week even though one of our voters is in Disney World this week. He sent in his votes of the top parks though, so there’s some more to debate.

NYC Area Power Poll:

  1. St. John’s (4 first place votes): 40 points
  2. Iona: 36 points
  3. Manhattan: 32 points
  4. Quinnipiac: 27 points
  5. Yale: 23 points
  6. Columbia: 19 points
  7. Stony Brook: 17 points
  8. Wagner: 11 points
  9. Seton Hall: 8 points
  10. St. Francis Brooklyn: 3 points

No big surprises this week. The Red Storm keep rolling along. I think the New Jersey teams are probably getting the short end of the stick. There’s at least an argument for Princeton or Rider to be appearing near the bottom of the Power Poll.

Disney Parks Power Poll:

  1. Epcot
  2. Magic Kingdom
  3. MGM Studios
  4. Animal Kingdom

That’s just one man’s opinion. Though Epcot is obviously No. 1. You could split Epcot into two parks and it would probably take the No. 1 and No. 2 slots in this power poll. The other three though are close. I could see arguments for any of them being second. Personally, I’d probably go with MGM, but to each their own. There is a great deal of satisfaction achieved when you ride everything in the Magic Kingdom in a day though.

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