NYC Area Power Poll: Feb. 14

It’s a special Valentine’s Day edition of the NYC area power poll. Actually, travel and some voting delays kept us away for a bit. St. John’s obviously remains on top.

NYC Area Power Poll:

  1. St. John’s: 50 points (5 first place votes)
  2. Iona: 43 points
  3. Quinnipiac: 37 points
  4. Manhattan: 37 points
  5. Seton Hall: 24 points
  6. Columbia: 18 points
  7. Princeton: 17 points
  8. Stony Brook: 15 points
  9. St. Francis Brooklyn: 13 points
  10. Yale: 10 points

Others receiving votes: Wagner (9 points), Rutgers (1 point), Army (1 point)

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