NYC Area Power Poll: Jan. 15

We’re obviously not the only publication that does Power Rankings of the New York City area basketball teams (though I do like to think we have the best and most comprehensive poll). There are a bunch of alternatives out there though for the discerning fan trying to figure out where their school fits into the metropolitan region’s pecking order.

It can also lead to some shocking things. For instance, Marcus Henry of Newsday has St. John’s eighth in his Power Poll! Henry is a good reporter who definitely knows quite a bit about the area’s hoops scene, but I just can’t fathom how anyone could come to the conclusion that the Red Storm are the eighth best team in the area. Sure, St. John’s just lost to DePaul, but according to KenPom’s rankings losing in Chicago is about the same as losing to Quinnipiac. Yes, Manhattan played without George Beamon for a large part of the contest, but if you’re going to rank teams on how they’re playing “right now,” then his injury has to be accounted for as well.

Other outlets have St. John’s ranked first (though we’ll see if Howie Kussoy of the New York Post sticks with it) and third (Gotham Hoops). What I find odd though is how high polls are ranking Columbia. The Lions lost to the same St. John’s team that’s getting pounded in everyone’s rankings and it was on a neutral court nonetheless. It wasn’t like a last-second buzzer-beater either. (That was CU’s game against Manhattan!) There are reasons I might take Manhattan or Princeton – despite that ugly loss to Penn – over St. John’s, but it’s tough to reward a team that lost head-to-head in the rankings.

Anyways, enough rambling about other people’s rankings. Onto the Big Apple Buckets NYC Area Power Poll!

Power Poll (first place votes):

  1. Manhattan (4): 49 points
  2. Princeton: 44 points
  3. St. John’s (1): 37 points
  4. Quinnipiac: 35 points
  5. Columbia: 31 points
  6. Stony Brook: 22 points
  7. Iona: 18 points
  8. Seton Hall: 17 points
  9. St. Francis Brooklyn: 12 points
  10. Army: 5 points

Others receiving votes: Wagner (3 points), Saint Peter’s (1 point), Lincoln High School (1 point)

Not so fun fact: Each of the top four teams and eight of the top ten teams lost at some point last week. Wagner is 2-0 in the NEC, which is how the Seahawks have climbed back into consideration. It’d be nice if a few more teams could show a bit of a pulse. KenPom’s rankings suggest that we’re shorting Fordham a bit, but the Rams probably need to win an Atlantic 10 game before they can get back into the rankings. Similarly, if Rutgers could win two of its three American Athletic Conference games this week (UCF, at Houston, at SMU) the Scarlet Knights will probably move into the rankings. Of course Connecticut recently went winless on the same Texas road trip, so that’s certainly not a given.

Disagree? Let us know in the comments.

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