Scott Machado wins Haggerty Award

The All-Met Awards are being given out tonight by the Met Basketball Writers Association. Scott Machado is deservedly going to get the Haggerty Award for the top player in the New York Metro Area. Machado was #1 when I did the Top NYC Players at the end of the season, so I think he definitely deserves this honor.

In fact the only place where the All-Met teams and I differ on the entire first team (if you use my top 5 players) is that I had Mike Moore of Hofstra a lot higher. Here are the teams:

First Team:

  • Scott Machado, Iona
  • Mike Glover, Iona
  • Moe Harkless, St. John’s
  • Julian Boyd, LIU
  • Jordan Theodore, Seton Hall
  • Herb Pope, Seton Hall

Second Team:

  • Chris Gaston, Fordham
  • Rakim Sanders, Fairfield
  • George Beamon, Manhattan
  • Jamal Olasewere, LIU
  • D’Angelo Harrison, St. John’s
  • Mike Moore, Hofstra

Third Team:

  • Brian Barbour, Columbia
  • Lamont Jones, Iona
  • Isaiah Wilkerson, NJIT
  • Eli Carter, Rutgers
  • Elia Ellis, Army

The third team has some real gems on it. It’s great to see Ellis, Wilkerson and Barbour all get recognition for the work they did this season. They’re all certainly deserving. Where is Shane Gibson and Ian Hummer? Are Sacred Heart and Princeton ineligible for recognition? Because those seem to be the two biggest omissions this season.

One thought on “Scott Machado wins Haggerty Award

  1. Machado was the 15th most valuable player in the country this year according to Value Add (see

    He would have been worth an extra 7.33% even playing at the BCS level, and generally 9% or better is a 1st Team All-American, though only three hit that mark this year. He wasn’t the only player from a smaller conference who was better than almost all the BCS players though, as CJ McCollum of Lehigh should be the best player from a smaller conference since Curry, and TJ McConnell of Duquesne was up there too, though he is now transferring to Arizona. Here are the top 15, but they are all on the link:

    1; Davis, Anthony; Kentucky; SEC; 12.35
    2; Crowder, Jae; Marquette; BE; 11.12
    3; Green, Draymond; Michigan St.; B10; 9.11
    4; Jones, Kevin; West Virginia; BE; 8.65
    5; Zeller, Cody; Indiana; B10; 8.5
    6; Sullinger, Jared; Ohio St.; B10; 8.37
    7; Barton, Will; Memphis; CUSA; 8.1
    8; Taylor, Jordan; Wisconsin; B10; 7.94
    9; Robinson, Thomas; Kansas; B12; 7.81
    10; McCollum, CJ; Lehigh; Pat; 7.74
    11; Zeller, Tyler; North Carolina; ACC; 7.74
    12; Shurna, John; Northwestern; B10; 7.69
    13; Jenkins, John; Vanderbilt; SEC; 7.68
    14; McConnell, TJ; Duquesne; A10; 7.48
    15; Machado, Scott; Iona; MAAC; 7.33


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