Dribble Handoffs – End of Season Edition

Just because the season is over doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of interesting links out there. One of the most interesting projects going on right now is the College Basketball Champions League. You might’ve seen the #CBBCL hashtag on twitter and wondered what it meant.

Well now there is a page dedicated to it and its creator, John Infante, is running a simulated version using this season’s league champions.

The second round is when a lot mid-major champions get into the mix, so you should check it out. Iona, LIU Brooklyn and Stony Brook are all in action. One of the most intriguing match ups for me is the LIU vs. MAC regular season champion Akron.

Back in the real world a lot of awards are being handed out this time of year. CollegeInsider.com released both its Lou Henson (Mid-Major) and Lute Olson All-America teams yesterday. Iona’s Scott Machado and Mike Glover were on both and LIU’s Julian Boyd joined them on the Henson team.

The coaching carousel continues to turn. Cormac Gordon gives perhaps the best account of what went down during the past few days as Dan Hurley heads to URI. One rumored replacement is Cincinnati assistant coach Darren Savino.

Finally two links only tangentially related to NYC that I found interesting. One was the Log5 possibilities for the NIT going into the quarterfinals from Basketball Prospectus. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune didn’t print it, but I did say that Minnesota could definitely make a run if they got in.

The other is this piece by Daly Dose of Hoops about Norfolk State. The Spartans flamed out against Florida, but still gave us a great moment with their win over Missouri. Even better is just how many players off that team came from the NYC area.

I’ll be updating Dribble Handoffs about once a week during the off season as my own writing slows down a bit. Enjoy.

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