Final Regular Season NYC Power Poll

The regular season is almost over and its time for another power poll! It seems that people are still deciding between Iona and Seton Hall. The Pirates got a convincing victory over Georgetown this week, but the Gaels are also super popular due to their domination of the MAAC. Now if either team could just play with a little bit of consistency. Also, there’s a three-way tie for seventh. Figure that out.

NYC Power Poll:

1. Iona — 105 points (6 first place votes)
2. Seton Hall — 98 points (3 first place votes)
3. LIU Brooklyn — 86 points
4. Wagner — 81 points
5. Fairfield — 61 points
6. Rutgers — 48 points
7T. Manhattan — 46 points
7T. Stony Brook — 46 points
7T. St. John’s — 46 points
10. Yale — 34 points
11. Princeton — 30 points
12. St. Francis (NY) — 14 points

Others receiving votes: Sacred Heart (3 points), Monmouth (3 points), Columbia (1 point)

Those two power conference Big East teams in the middle of the rankings befuddled voters. Rutgers was ranked as low as 12th and as high as 3rd by individual voters. Similarly, St. John’s finished between 4th and 11th. I think the nature of the conferences all these teams play in makes it really tough to judge by results. Fairfield though is getting a lot of love thanks to its recent win streak. (The Stags deserve it too.) That Monmouth vote is made up of two (very smart) individuals. The Hawks are gaining momentum!

Also, I love this from Raphielle Johnson on St. John’s: “Moe Harkless not winning Big East Rookie of the Year would be a crime.” (Seriously, he watches a lot of basketball. Follow him on Twitter.) You know who else watches a lot of basketball? Gary Moore. He’s seen more live games this season than I have and that’s quite a feat. I’d like to say a special note of thanks to all the bloggers and fans that contributed to this season’s poll. There will be one more at the end of the season after all of the tournament action has been concluded.

Voters: Jaden Daly, Pico Dulce,  Guy FaloticoRaphielle Johnson, Chris McManusGary MooreJon Solomon and Dave White

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