Saturday Basketball Bonanza

The boys over at Ballin’ Is a Habit went over 2,500 miles to watch college basketball. I commend them on this incredible journey. Thankfully though I live in New York City, most definitely one of if not the greatest city in the world. It’s also so incredibly densely populated that there are always college basketball games happening during the season. Saturday I’m going to attempt to take advantage of what the city has to offer and attend three games in one day.

The schedule has broken almost perfectly for this to work out. There’s a game at 1 p.m., multiple games at 4/4:30 p.m. around the city and then a big one at 7 p.m. in the Bronx. It looks like I’m going to be using public transportation (ish) to get everywhere, so I might be a few minutes late to Draddy for the classic MAAC revenge title between Iona and Manhattan, but it should be a great day of games. Let’s look at the full slate:

Game 1: Charlotte at Fordham (Rose Hill, Bronx) at 1 p.m.

If you’ve never been to a game at Rose Hill I’d certainly recommend it. Early afternoon games at Fordham are wonderful. The light streams in through that beautiful bank of windows, the crowd is energized (students were oddly awake for the game against GW), and the team is actually playing better this season. Fordham is young, so the Rams have experienced their share of growing pains, including two conference losses by over 40 points, but they also already have to A-10 wins and Charlotte offers a good opportunity at a third. If nothing else this should be a hard fought game with an exciting finish.

After the action finishes up – and hopefully after Tom Pecora, one of the best talkers in the city speaks – it’ll be time to head to Brooklyn for Game 2. The D/B lines will be my friend as I take a straight shot down to the DeKalb stop and LIU Brooklyn.

Game 2: Central Connecticut at LIU Brooklyn (Wellness Center, Brooklyn) at 4:30 p.m.

Depending on what happens on Thursday, this game could be for a share of first place in the NEC (though that’s not likely). What it will definitely be is a great chance to see the best possible front court matchup in the conference between Julian Boyd and Ken Horton. It’ll also be my first chance to get a live look at CCSU’s unconscious freshman gunner Kyle Vinales. The Blue Devils are one of the top contenders to the Blackbirds’ throne and this one should be a good game. I chose it over Hofstra vs. Georgia State and Bryant vs. St. Francis (NY) because this is the one that has two conference title contenders.

Once I get a chance to have a quick chat with some LIU players about the rise of NYC hoops in the NEC it’ll be back onto the subway and back to the Bronx. There’s a real lack of good travel options here. If the game was at 8 p.m. this would be perfect (L to 2 to 1). As it stands right now I may have to jump into a cab in order to make it to the Bronx in any reasonable amount of time. But it’ll be worth it for Game 3.

Game 3: Iona at Manhattan (Draddy Gymnasium, Bronx) at 7 p.m.

It’s back to the Bronx, but now we’re in Riverdale and the stakes are much, much higher. Assuming things go well on Thursday night when Manhattan and Iona host Marist and Canisius respectively this game will be for first place in the MAAC. It’s also Iona’s chance to get revenge for the last-second three that took down the Gaels at the Hynes Athletic Center. Of course the Manhattan crowd has shown it can give the Jaspers a big boost when the stakes warrant it this season (see the Battle of Brooklyn) and my guess is that it’ll be another packed house on this night. It should make for an exciting game and a wonderful capper for a great day of NYC hoops.

Going to any of the games? Drop me a note in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Saturday Basketball Bonanza

  1. This is a very ambitious tripleheader you are going to try and pull off. Obviously, the best of the three games is Iona-Manhattan. I hate to say this as a known LIU Brooklyn fan, I would probably skip the CCSU-LIU game and get to Draddy nice and early for that big game. LIU has a two game lead as we stand on CCSU. CCSU has to play at St. Francis(NY) Thursday while LIU has a home game with Bryant. Smart money is LIU wins & very possibly CCSU loses to SFNY. CCSU would then be 3 games back of LIU. The game would be a lot less attractive if this scenario plays out. Even if CCSU does win (which is what I would like to see happen) LIU should still have a 2 game lead on them going in. Iona-Manhattan is a battle for first place. Iona has a lot riding on that game! I think if you go to Brooklyn and do as planned, stay for whole game and gets some postgame quotes, you’re going to miss at least the whole first half of Iona-Manhattan if not more. Remember, it is a Saturday night and Brooklyn to Riverdale is not a small hop, skip, jump. Good luck to you if you do go-ahead as planned.


    1. I’ve done Brooklyn Heights to Morningside Heights and gotten there about 4 minutes into the first half with a 4:30 p.m. / 7 p.m. slate with quotes and that was with taking the subway. I think if I do pay for the cab I’ll be in pretty good shape and not miss much of the game at Draddy. My plan is too be at Draddy for the under 12 timeout in the first half at the latest. There just aren’t a lot of opportunities to see LIU against a good opponent. I’ll be at that SFC-CCSU game on Thursday as well, so I’ll actually see them more than any NYC team this week.


  2. I will be attending the Cuse/Johnnies game at noon followed by LIU/CCSU. I’m looking forward to seeing Boyd, Olasewere, and Brickman live for the first time. We were thinking about making it a tripleheader with Manhattan/Iona, but decided it would take too long to go from Brooklyn to Van Cortland.

    So that’s a reasonable trip? What is the cab fare for that ride?


    1. Unfortunately it’s not cheap. Somewhere around a $40-45 cab ride. That’s quite the premium on the subway ride. I think it’s worth it for trying to pull of something special like this. Of course if three people were to take the cab we’re only talking like $15 per person. That sounds much more reasonable. Just saying…


  3. Hopefully you’ve got credentials or advance tix – the MC-Iona game is becoming a tough ticket. I kind of wish I could get to these 3 games, and I respect your conviction in getting it done via mass transit. Great blog, by the way – a total must-read for NYC college hoops fans.


    1. Thanks for the kind words about the site. I do have credentials for all three games thankfully. I’m sure that the Manhattan-Iona game will sell out. It should be a great game between to very talented teams.


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