Checking up on winless Binghamton and Towson

The number of undefeated teams is down to just one thanks to Syracuse’s loss to Notre Dame on Saturday, but the number of winless teams is still holding steady at two. Binghamton and Towson can’t find a way to get a conference win in America East or the CAA respectively and it’s starting to become time to worry. Ken Pomeroy now gives the Tigers a greater than 50% chance of going winless during the regular season. Let’s dive a little deeper into both of these teams.

Binghamton (0-19) – The Bearcats have a 32.3% chance of going winless during the regular season according to Pomeroy. The reason that percentage isn’t a lot higher is because of UMBC. The Retrievers are ranked 340th in Pomeroy and still have to come to Binghamton on Feb. 15. Still, this is a team in disarray. Yesterday the Bearcats lost to New Hampshire by 15 after committing 17 turnovers and making just seven second-half field goals. After last Sunday’s loss to Hartford the columns about the possibility of going winless started to surface. Still, Mark Macon’s team is going to get a bunch more chances against teams they should match up okay with (home vs. UMBC, at Hartford, at New Hampshire, AE tournament) in order to get that elusive first victory. That’s a lot better than the other team on this list. (Here’s a Binghamton player getting noticed for something other than losing, but it’s still not good.)

Towson (0-20) – In the CAA there are tiers. There’s the Top 5, the Middle 5 and then the Bottom 2. One of those bottom two, William & Mary, already has two conference wins, including in the only times the Tribe will play the Tigers this season. Now you understand why Towson’s road is so tough. In conference play there isn’t anyone left at their level on the schedule (by which I mean the bottom 50 or so teams in the nation). That’s why Pomeroy gives Towson a 59.3% chance of finishing the season winless. John Feinstein jumped into the fray on Saturday. Tonight the Tigers take on Drexel.

We’ll see if either of these teams actually finish the season winless. It’s not like anyone expected Syracuse to lose to Notre Dame. But stranger things have happened. They’ll have to for one of these teams to escape.

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