Tempo-free NEC: Wagner still on top

It’s probably no surprise to observers of the NEC that Wagner continues to lead these rankings. Yes, LIU Brooklyn is undefeated, but the Blackbirds haven’t had the convincing margins that the Seahawks have had this season. As a caveat though it’s worth noting that Wagner has played the easiest conference schedule amongst the contenders. Overall, Sacred Heart has played the most difficult slate thus far and Mount St. Mary’s the easiest.

As always, these efficiency margins and all the superlatives below are for conference play only. Here we go!


1. Wagner: +0.219 points per possession (5-1)
2. LIU: +0.316 (6-0)
3. Central Connecticut: +0.315 (5-1)
4. Robert Morris: +0.122 (4-2)
5. St. Francis (NY): +0.033 (5-1)
6. St. Francis (PA): +0.031 (3-3)
7. Quinnipiac: -0.019 (2-4)
8. Sacred Heart: -0.023 (2-4)
9. Mount St. Mary’s: -0.032 (2-4)
10. Monmouth: -0.173 (1-5)
11. Fairleigh Dickinson: -0.222 (0-6)
12. Bryant: -0.234 (1-5)

I find it pretty surprising that Bryant, which has actually won a game in NEC play, is behind FDU. Then again it’s not too surprising considering the Bulldogs have two 30+ point losses in conference play. On Thursday the rematches start in the NEC. Bryant gets to play CCSU again, St. Francis (NY) is hosting Wagner and LIU is hosting Mount St. Mary’s. We’ll see if the results hold the second time around.


Best Offense: LIU – 1.134 points per possession
Best Defense: Wagner – 0.901 points per possession
Worst Offense: Fairleigh Dickinson – 0.857 points per possession
Worst Defense: Bryant – 1.140 points per possession
Fastest: LIU – 76.0 possessions per game
Slowest: Robert Morris – 64.0 possessions per game
Luckiest: St. Francis (NY) – 1.43 more wins than expected
Unluckiest:  Robert Morris – 0.78 fewer wins than expected

That fast pace and high-powered offense is why LIU is leading the NEC points per game in conference by almost six points per game. The Blackbirds are at 86.2 points per game after dropping 106 the other night. Wagner is in second at 80.8 points per game. Even though Robert Morris ranks first in scoring defense in the NEC, it’s really only because of Wagner’s hectic pace compared to the Colonials’ slow-down style of basketball. RMU is a decent defensive team, but way behind Wagner and Central Connecticut from a tempo-free defensive standpoint.

2 thoughts on “Tempo-free NEC: Wagner still on top

    1. Almost, I compute the pythagorean record using the team’s per possession offensive and defensive efficiencies and then I compare it to their current record and that’s where I get “luck” from. It’s not always attributable to “luck” though, so maybe it is a bit misnamed. It’s also attributable to high variance, which is what we’re looking at in the St. Francis (NY) case considering their blowout loss at Wagner and them some blowouts on the other side of the ledger.


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