Quick thoughts from St. John’s vs. St. Francis (NY)

The battle of the boroughs was a pretty one-sided affair for the boys from Queens. St. John’s ran out to an early lead and had a comfortable working margin for the entire game against St. Francis (NY) before capturing the 63-48 victory. Below is the shot chart from the second half and some thoughts about the game in general.

Shot Chart:

Shot chart from St. John's vs. St. Francis (NY)
The 2nd half shot chart from St. John's - the red side - vs. St. Francis (NY) - blue. Notice how many shots were at the basket for the Red Storm. I think I got them all

Other thoughts:

St. Francis (NY) has to shoot better from three to compete, 5-23 isn’t going to cut against many teams. It’s certainly not enough against Big East competition like St. John’s.

Both teams turned the ball over a little too much, but it wasn’t egregious, especially on St. Francis’ side considering St. John’s loves to force turnovers with its length and athleticism. But the man defense certainly worked for the Red Storm. The Terriers’ poor shooting, plus the turnovers and a lack of free throws resulted in 0.75 points per possession for St. Francis.

St. John’s got to the rim a lot. That’s good because that’s where the Red Storm is most effective. Interestingly enough St. John’s only shot 19 free throws and was just 9-19 from the line. Sir’Dominic Pointer (3-7 FT, all the SPs in red in shot chart) and D’Angelo Harrison (5-6 FT) did most of the damage in terms of driving to the basket. Overall though the offense was sort of average. It was held back by 9-19 free throw shooting and the 16 turnovers. It was sort of a sloppy game.

Travis Nichols really struggled for the Terriers going 4-16 from the field and 0-8 from three. The really likes that corner three and the Red Storm used their length to close on it quickly.

Dre Calloway had four assists and four turnovers. He could’ve had a better overall game if could’ve hit some free throws. It seemed like he was really forcing the ball up there.

Small Bites:

St. John’s only went seven deep in this game … Jalen Cannon grabbed seven rebounds for SFC … This just wasn’t the tempo that St. Francis wanted to play at, but it wasn’t fast, more hectic … The Red Storm led the entire way.

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