Wagner and Iona grabbing people’s attention

Wagner and Iona both have a chance to have very good season in 2010-11. The Seahawks hope to challenge for an NEC crown in Dan Hurley’s second season and the Gaels are expected to battle Fairfield for the MAAC title until the bitter end of the season. As college basketball season approaches both teams are grabbing New York City’s attention.

Both Wagner and Iona are in the “Rising Searches” section for college basketball in New York City. Those schools, plus UConn interestingly enough, make up five nine of the fastest rising terms in that search category.

My guess is quite a bit of that on Iona’s side has to do with one Momo Jones. As the season gets closer more and more people want to know if he’s eligible. (And no one really knows.) For Wagner I’m not sure what it is, possibly the hope that Hurley’s bunch, one of the most talented in the NEC, is ready to challenge for a conference title a season earlier than many expected.

Whatever the reason, it’s good exposure and for now the schools can enjoy the hype. The real test starts Nov. 10.

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