Judging the Madness Before Midnight Dunks

From the YouTube videos it appears that Wagner’s Madness Before Midnight dunk contest sure featured a lot of athleticism. Josh Thompson dunking over his mother has caught the attention of many, but all four dunkers deserve some recognition. So here it is, counting down from 4 to 1.

4. Freshman Mario Moody’s windmill dunk:

3. Sophomore Naofall Folahan’s 360

2. Sophomore Kenneth Ortiz goes off the backboard

1. Junior Josh Thompson dunks over his mom

YouTube voters have voted as well and Thompson is winning with eyeballs. Currently his video has 315,321 views compared to 17,792 for Ortiz, 10,014 for Folahan and just 13 for Moody’s. (Poor Moody didn’t get some link love I guess. His dunk is pretty standard, but not bad for a freshman.) What was your favorite?

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